Today is Saturday, and I love Saturdays, they are the days where I do what I’d like to do, and not what’s expected of me. Except for those dishes I’ve been putting off for days. Saturdays I get to write and sleep in and do nothing or do everything. Saturdays are the best days.

          On this particular Saturday, conveniently the day the world is supposed to end (which is obviously false), I’ve done numerous, not really exciting things.

1. I slept in until 8, which is really not sleeping in at all being that I actually miss school, to sleep.

2. I partially cleaned my living room, and my kitchen, and my bathroom.

3. I sang a song or two today, really loud and completely off-key.

4.  My mom and I went to pick up my boyfriend, who just used my shirt as a tissue uncalled for, wipe your fake tears elsewhere, or ask next time!

5. I got a speedway slushie 🙂

     Anyways, my point is, Saturdays are days where you can do random things, or you can just lounge, it’s only 5:10 pm so i have more planned for later.

      Sundays are horrible days, almost as bad as Mondays but not. Sundays you have to do the homework you’ve been putting off since Friday and all the things you need to do before Monday. Sundays make me think of feet, most people hate them, but everyone (sorry if you don’t) has them.

I hope you enjoy your Saturday, and I’m sorry if it is the last one you’ll ever have, but I think it’s highly unlikely


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