Facebook Addict

My name is Mesa Mendoza and I am a Facebook addict.

I’m sure there’s many out there, maybe even some that are reading this right now who have also been captivated by all of Facebook addicting gadgets. But I am happy to say that I deleted my Facebook. Why? Because it was consuming me; it was causing me to fight with my boyfriend over stupid things, it was preventing me from doing daily chores or just being off of my computer. Facebook took me over and now I’m saying “No more Facebook!”. I have taken the first step in becoming Facebook sober.

So this is Day One without Facebook, and I think it will be interesting to do this for the next 30 days to see how my recovery goes and what I do instead of waste my time on Facebook. I will mention I do have a Twitter but I don’t use it nearly as much and it doesn’t have all the same addicting features that Facebook has. But we’ll see how this interesting little experiment goes.

So here’s how it will go:

I will update my blog for the next thirty days

-I will not reactivate my Facebook for the next thirty days

-I will share with you what I’ve been doing instead of using Facebook for the next thirty days

-At the end of the thirty days I will share with you how my trip as a whole has gone.

Are you addicted to Facebook too?

Stop now while you still can! Delete your Facebook and join me in the Anti-Facebook 30 day challenge!


PS. I totally just made this up as I went.


My Name is Mesa Mendoza and this is Day One of my Facebook Sobriety.



One comment

  1. Anything can become an addiction if you have an obsessive/compulsive personality like I do. Facebook is something I glance at, but it has never been an addiction. I DO get addicted to other things, like watching marathon tv for hours on end, or playing a video game on my wii for an entire weekend. It just depends. It is good you recognized your time on Facebook could be a problem for you. Good luck. After your 30 days, maybe you will find your ability to use Facebook with moderation.

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