We live to learn

I’m a sixteen year old high school girl and I have not yet talked about my summer- weird? I’d agree with you. I hadn’t been thrilled about summer when about three weeks I found out I had failed one class and my mom had said words that were to ruin the next three empty months of my life, she had said “Marisa, you’re grounded for the whole summer.

I was devestated, I had three months ahead of me, hardly any summer homework and my brother was hardly home so it’s not like we were hanging out much, it was horrible, then I started summer school, finished it the day I started and bam! Hello Summer!

Since I’ve regained my freedom I’ve had a lot of fun, I’ve spent most days with my boyfriend and we’ve had a lot of fun together, we’ve sat outside, gone for walks, played video games, and we even went to a softball game! We’ve had a really great time together so far, next week Tuesday is our year and a half anniversary and as of now our plans are to go out to dinner and then go to a festivel to watch fireworks, I have so many great ideas for the rest of the summer and I can’twait for the rest of the fun.

Yesterday I went to summerfest (and those of you who know about summerfest, it was the best!) with my mom, my brother, and his friend Robert. We had so much fun and we saw this 12 year old, he was amazing! His name is Quinn Sullivan, and he was absolutley stunning. For lunch we went to Spin and it was probably the coolest place I ever had lunch at, it’s a bar and resturaunt AND you can play ping pong there! It was super duper cool. Once we came back from lunch we looked for a good spot to sit for the Big Bang and then we waited for two hours, and although the wait was long it was so unbelievably worth it.

I believe this is only week four of summer and I can’t wait for the rest to come! 🙂

If anyone has any cheap ideas for me to do this summer (I live in Wisconsin if that helps) please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at mesamendoza15@gmail.com


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