The Buried Life

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu

Book idea!

So I’ve had writers block for months and I think I’ve finally come up with an idea, and since I’m no famous writer no one’s ever really going to read this but I really want to share it with those of you who do read it.

Last night my brother and I were so bored so we turned on our Wii to watch Netflix and he said to me

“Mom and I were watching this show the other day and you’ll probably like it, plus you’ll probably think the guys are hot or something.”

Being that I had nothing else to do I agreed to watch the show.

The show is called “The Buried Life” and it’s about these four boys who make a bucket list and set out to achieve all of the items on their list, not only do they complete their tasks but they also help random strangers achieve something they’d like to do before they die.

I instantly fell in love with the show, and as my brother said, I did think that the boys were attractive.

I picked up my binder and began writing down a bucket list of my own, then I had a better idea. Why not try and contact these guys and write about how they were inspired to go out and try to achieve these bold tasks and write about the adventures of these guys.

Obviously everyone has seen what they’ve tried on TV but there is always something more to it. There’s the disappointment when they couldn’t complete something done or the thrill of doing something so extreme, such as streaking in a stadium.

So my goal is to do #26 on my bucket list: Write a book about someone who’s inspired me and publish it.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’ve seen them try and do things I never thought could be possible. So what the heck what’s the worst that can happen?


I know this sounds crazy but if you know how to contact anyone who knows anyone that could get in touch with the guys from The Buried Life I would appreciate it more than anything if you could contact me.

My twitter account is linked to my page and I get emails straight to my phone


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