It’s a shame!

This whole Casey Anthony thing has been a hot topic lately and I just have to throw my opinion out there. I know I’m only a teenager but hey, I’m allowed to have opinions too!

I think that her being found “not guilty” is a load of garbage. I mean no I wasn’t there, no I didn’t watch her kill her daughter but if you can lie about things involving the murder of your own daughter how can anyone believe you didn’t do it? I guess I’d have to have the mindset of a cold-blooded killer to understand where her head is.

And I’m not trying to disrespect her (well maybe a little) because maybe she went crazy if she really didn’t kill her own kid, but why would she lie about what really happened? Why would she wait one whole month to even report her child missing? I ran away one time and my mom called the police faster than I could even get to someone’s house to feel slick!

But okay let’s say she didn’t kill her daughter, why wouldn’t she be doing everything she possibly could to find the killer of her child? Why would she make things up that made her look more and more like the murderer instead of sticking to the facts?

I guess more than anything I just have doubts and questions and I’m not satisfied with justice today. I feel like if she can’t tell the truth about what really happened then why the hell would they say not guilty? When I think about it in my head this is what happens.

Casey: “Lie lie lie lie.. oh wait, I mean more lies that are different this time”

Jury: “Well she sounds like she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about, ah let’s let her go anyways.”

Jury: “We find Casey Anthony not guilty.”

Casey (in her head): “Yay, I got away with killing my own daughter!”

Now, most people have their opinions about this case and it’s outcomes, and in all honesty I think I’m sharing mine nicely. In my opinion I think Casey would have been better off in prison, I think someone is going to see her know exactly who she is, have their very strong opinion about her and the outcome will not be good.

But then again, everything happens for a reason right?



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