Historic Oppotunity

So today I was browsing the internet, using the normal sites I use daily, yesterday I began following http://twitter.com/#!/lancearmstrong and today I saw a tweet from his page saying “Please read and please sign on! http://t.co/WXsnjzH” Being the curious person I am I clicked on the link instantly, this link took me to the LIVESTRONG blog, and there was a letter that you will read when you click the link. So when I finished the letter I clicked the link to sign the petition. Twenty minutes later I received and email, one I will share with you, and one I hope you share with anyone and everyone you can think of. This is something that could change the world if we just take 15 minutes out of our day to type in our name and email and share the email we get. Please help make a difference in our world! 🙂

Did you know that six out of 10 deaths globally come from diseases
you can’t catch like cancer? And that we can prevent millions of these
deaths with tools we already have?

This September, world leaders are meeting for a historic UN Summit on
cancer and other non-communicable diseases. I just signed onto

LIVESTRONG’s open letter calling on world leaders to make the world’s
top killers a top priority.

Will you add your name as well?


If we can get 100,000 signatures before the summit, LIVESTRONG will
hand-deliver the letter to the UN Secretary General and key Heads of



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