Let’s try something.

Okay so one time I was browsing my favorite author’s (Lisa Gardner) website, and she had this really cool thing.

It’s called “Kill a Friend Maim Sweepstakes” you can nominate someone and then she will pick a name and kill them off in her book. Cool right?

Well I’ve got an idea somewhat like that but a little different.

If you comment someones name here you can kill them off, they could be the bad guy, or they could be the one who falls in love, or the one who gets the crappy end of the deal.

Write a comment on this page with the first (and last name I guess) and then tell me what you’d like to happen to them, and why, if it’s as simple as you’d want to see your friend’s name in a book because it’s cool or if you dislike this person.

Obviously if you feel like someone you know will see this and you don’t want to know that you nominated them then send me an email at mesamendoza15@gmail.com with the name, what you want, and why.

I think this could be a lot of fun, so feel free to help and pass this along to your friends too, maybe they’ll put your name in too!



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