Remember Me

 If you don’t recognize this photo, it’s a picture from the move Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Caitlyn Rund. This movie isn’t your average love story. Tyler (Robert Pattinson) is a mood-filled, lost 21-year-old college student and Ally is also a 21-year-old student who tries to live every day to it’s full potential after she sees her mothers murder at 11-years-old.

After a rough night out Tyler and his roommate (Aidan) are arrested, and Tyler’s roommate sees the police officer drop his daughter off at the college he and Tyler attend.  Aidan is looking for revenge, so after some persuasion he convinces Tyler to sleep with Ally and then break her heart.

Tyler agrees with this plan but after spending some time with Ally they share the losses in their life and  begin to fall in love. This love isn’t like every other chick flick romance, it’s a different kind of love that is unique and hard to find.

I don’t usually do movie reviews or anything like that or whatever you’d like to call this but for some reason I felt like it was needed, obviously the description isn’t the end and if you’re interested in what you’ve read so far I recommend watching the movie.  I watched this movie last night with a friend and by the end of this movie I was yet again in tears. This movie takes some seriously unexpected turns and is a very very good movie. It’s not an average sappy love movie that has a predictable ending. I’d say hands down Remember Me is probably one of the best romance movies I’ve ever seen.

Then there’s Robert Pattinson! I won’t lie to you guys I almost didn’t watch this movie simply because he was the male lead. Ever since his twilight saga movies I thought he was a horrible actor (not that I have anything against the books, it’s the movies that are my problem.) When I watched this movie though, every negative opinion I ever had about Rob went out the window and my respect level for him when from 0-10 within seconds.  So kudos to him and I’ll probably watch any other movie he’s in (including the Harry Potter movie that I love so much) as long as I live, as long as it’s not a Twilight movie!

So if you haven’t seen Remember Me I recommend you find a way to watch it and watch is ASAP! If you’ve already seen it post your comments/opinions about the movie!

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