Obviously they are everywhere these days. That’s right people, I’m talking about social networking. There’s #Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and so many more. I personally use a good amount of social networking sites, but mainly it’s just been WordPress, Tumblr, and Twitter. But I’m starting to wonder if social networking has ruined what friendships and relationships are really supposed to mean. Yesterday someone on tweeted this “#someonetoldme I was funny on twitter, damn I wish I was funn in #reallife” and it really made me think. So many people can be friends on these sites, hell I had so many friends on Facebook that I knew, but a very select few I could actually trust. Very many though said “Oh Mesa I love you! You’re awesome!” Well thank you, I already know that but no offense, you hardly know me. Just because you read my Facebook status or my tweets doesn’t mean you know my whole life, and that goes both ways, I wanted friendships with people so I’d add them on Facebook, but one day I thought what am I? A loser?! So I started over, and now I’m all about twitter. But honestly, doesn’t anyone remember when we just hung out with people instead of IM’d them or skyped? We actually liked seeing each other in person and computers weren’t involved, when people would play outside instead of play internet games with each other. I guess kids my age didn’t get to live that life too long, but I do remember it and I gotta say, I miss it. I wish I had more reliable friends, not just one or two people. I wish people on the internet weren’t so fake. But hey times change, and hopefully this is all just a faze.


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  1. Social networks have changed the word friend. Unfortunately, you will never meet these people but fortunately you meet people you would’ve never perhaps met.

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