What a Sweetheart

So for those of you who actually read this, which is probably a total of three you might remember my blog “The Gift of a Lifetime”. I believe I posted it earlier this week. Anyways in that blog I said I like to collect postcards (for those of you who think it’s weird, don’t judge me) My boyfriend knows this and he went to South Dakota last week. I came home from working for my aunt today and checked the mail as I do everyday. This is what I found:

Isn’t he the sweetest?! I think my favorite it ^ that one it says “….Near as I can tell, we’re somewhere behind Mt. Rushmore.” I thought the postcards were very nice and the little updates he included made me smile, it’s nice to know he’s thinking of me while he’s gone. I can’t wait to see him again.


One comment

  1. I collect postcards too and look forward to checking the mail every day! My boyfriend always sends me notes while he’s away, too, even if it’s just or a few days. Have you ever heard of Postcrossing? It’s an international postcard exchange program and really fun. I’ve gotten and received about 180 postcards since last year!

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