You’re beautiful

Stylish clothes, perfect hair, flat stomach, busty chest, nice legs. These are the things us “average girls” dream to have. We buy all the products that Hayden Panettiere promotes on TV, and whatever says it will make you looks beautiful fast. People spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on facials, manicure, and waxing unwanted hair. 

But why do we do this? Who says that we need to look this way? Is it because of pictures like this, and gorgeous celebrities all over the place that make us feel like we have to do everything we can to look pretty like these girls?

I’ve been trying to figure out all these answers for a while now and I just can’t figure it out! I’m no beauty queen but I’m definitely no Nanny Mcphee, I’ve been teased about my “imperfections” and I’ve been called ugly and gross, mainly by the girls who were born with fine hair and no curves. I really let those comments affect me and for a long time I wasn’t happy with who I was. I didn’t think I was pretty enough to be popular and it made my confidence and self-esteem spiral down the drain. I was miserable and I hated looking in mirrors, I didn’t smile because I felt like people would judge my teeth or my horrid laugh, but as I’ve gotten older the comments have gone away and I’ve fallen in love with my looks, I’m happy with  who I am and if someone calls me ugly I assume it’s just because they are jealous of my natural good looks!

So don’t let those pretty celebrities with all their make-up make you feel ugly or self conscious, because you’re beautiful, and so are they. It’s all just an image, but if we could all just accept our beauty and keep it simple, maybe then no girl (or boys) would have to worry about being called ugly or fat.We could all just be happy with ourselves and worry about more important things. Like curing cancer or ending world hunger. 



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