Mob Beating at Wisconsin State Fair

My brother and aunt came home from the store and my aunt immediately said “Turn on the news I want to see what happened!” I looked at her kinda funny but I did what she asked, the news wasn’t on yet so I turned to my brother and asked him what happened. “Apparently 300 black people mobbed State Fair and hurt a bunch of people.” I looked at him and thought he was just making that up. State Fair is only 1 mile from my house, and nothing ever seems to go wrong around there, but sure enough once the news came on that was the hot topic. I was surprised, and then I was enraged.

Here’s the thing, anyone could have gotten 300 people and mobbed State Fair, it could have been Caucasians,Asians, Mexicans, Indian, a group of people, it really could have been anyone. But the fact that it was African-American really pisses me off. Not because I don’t like black people (I don’t have a problem with any one because of their race, it’s all about how you act) but because I hate when people of a certain race prove all the negative stereo types about themselves true. I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt, I like anyone I meet right away until they do something that changes my opinion. I talk someone about the State Fair incident and they said to me “I was saying how this doesn’t even surprise me because that’s what they’re known for.” Hearing someone say that instantly upset me but everyone it always going to have their opinion and I can’t change that.

I’m angry that 300 people were stupid enough to try to hurt people for no good reason, I’m angry because now rules have to change for us minors because people can’t just control themselves and be mature. I’m especially angry at the 300 idiots who did this because now this just doesn’t help African-Americans at all. For those of you ignorant people out there, not all black people are thief’s, not all of them have criminal records, and not all of them have gotten knocked up and had to drop out of school. Any of those can apply to any race, but African-Americans just seemed to be stereo typed by these certain things. There are so many smart, gifted, nice, responsible African-Americans and it’s really not fair to them that they are stereo typed, judged, and rejected because of stupid morons who think it’s okay to Beat up and steal.

Incidents like the one at State Fair last night are the reason why women clutch their purses a little tighter when they see a black person, why they make sure all their kids are visible when they are with black people at a park, or why people with nice things don’t talk to black people who don’t dress as nice as them, because they are afraid of black people. It’s not fair to those good people to have to suffer because some kids thought it would be funny to see if they could get away with a crime.



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