It’s Been a While…

So one person has commented on my “Good Reads!” page and one of the recommendations was 1984. Well my boyfriend also told me about this books a while back but I never ended up borrowing it therefore I never ended up reading it.

Yesterday I was walking around Target (I was actually on my way to go look at cameras but being the avid book reader I am, obviously the books distracted me) and I spotted a title that looked somewhat familiar, I took a closer look and saw 1984 at Target for $7.00! Now I know I probably could have gone to half price books and gotten it a lot cheaper but, I was too excited I just had to get it! I’ve only read about 2 1/2 pages of it and the only thing I can think is “Fahrenheit 451”, which is very exciting because I loved that book.

So I’m very excited to get cuddled up in my bed and read that book later on!

Anyways! So I have very exciting news…. I had my first job! Sure it only lasted two days but by no means was it because I was bad at my job, I was actually phenomenal. I worked at Wisconsin State Fair selling Extreme Balance Bands. It was a really good job (I got paid $8 an hour) but the manager was horrible, I worked 13.5 hours in one day, and since I’m under 18 I’m only allowed to work 20 hours in one week! Total I worked 21 hours and made $170, which was very exciting because I love making money, but then again who doesn’t? It was a fun job, and I was actually really good at it, I never thought I’d be one for sales, but apparently I’m good at informing and interesting people in something they think is only bullshit.

I’ve been thinking, and I like taking pictures so I think I’m going to be adding more pictures on here that I’ve taken, so I guess somewhat like a photo blog, but I’m still going to add in my lovely scribbles that everyone has come to love! So for those of you who have photo blogs it would be very appreciated if you wouldn’t mind giving me tips on how to not make this like to crowded or how exactly it seems like it’s done best, or what you think people are interested in. Do you take pictures of everything or do you think, “Hey this could be a really good picture and I think my fellow bloggers would love it!” ?

Tomorrow I’m going to clean my room, because I can hardly sleep on my bed, I’m sleeping on clothes and books, binders and a purse. I’m also going to head to the library and pay my fines (I know I’m horrible!) and renew my account, once I’m done reading a few books I have in line then I want to check out Pride and Prejudice. I started reading it on Kobo on my iPod touch but I’ve come to realize the whole hand-held ebooks just don’t work for me. I like the feel of a real book in my hand, it just feels right.




  1. I’m glad you liked my recommendation…1984 is probably my favorite book of all-time, and like the poster above me said, you’ll see a lot of modern day parallels.

  2. I read 1984 before I read Fahrenheit 451, I enjoyed the book and I thought it was better than F451 (probably simply because I read it first, they have very similar ideas). And to echo the other commenters, it was frightening at times to compare 1984 to todays world. It’s scary that Orwell thought the future might go that way when the book was written in the 1950’s (I think, I don’t remember exactly when it was written).

  3. I’m not too fond of 1984. Sure, it was entertaining and I read it in one night, but that was it. I didn’t find much substance in it, or at least as much as I was looking for. If you are looking in that genre, “Brave New World” is so much better (you will read it senior year). Also, I would recommend “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck. That’s my all time favorite book. Then again, I don’t really read much aside from my 2-3 hours of news every day.

    1. I attempted to read 1984 but so far it hasn’t really been working out for me. I either have been getting really distracted or keep thinking of Fahrenheit 451. Thanks for the Book recommendations though!

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