Showing Support.

Eventually some day, when the time is right and if my talent is good enough, I’d like to become a famous writer. I know or know of people who are doing what they can to become actors, writers, singers, musicians, these people live in my community and I’ve always been one to be supportive and helpful.

That being said I’ve got some news for you! You know how on twitter then have “Mention Monday”? Well, this blog now also has a Mention Monday. I will be talking about people around my community who are doing whatever they can to make their mark in this world.

Not only will this be for people in my community but if you also have a talent feel free to send me an email describing what you do, send pictures, audio, videos, or some of whatever it is you do. Just know people I know or that are in my area will be mentioned first. After the week is over they will go on the new page I will create titled “Past Mentions”

I hope this is something that will last a while and not just a one or two person kind of thing.

If you have a talent or anything you’d like to share email me at

Don’t be shy, this can only help you!



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