Mention Monday.

He’s known as JAWS BITEM, he records a lot of hip hop, freestyle and he does some pop when he’s in the mood. He got started with his music when he was 16, he free styled two songs that were on the radio and as time went on his skills improved and now he’s recording his own music which he loves doing not only for himself but for his fans as well. After talking with JAWS BITEM yesterday he seems like a guy who does it simply because he enjoys it. He’s not in it for the money, he does it because he loves to record, he loves the music and he likes putting his work out there for everyone else to enjoy! Being a musician myself my favorite question to ask is what their favorite thing about being a musician is and I just loved his response, he told me “The way that you look at everything around you is different.  Like hearing sounds or words to incorporate in my music.”  JAWS BITEM says his biggest supporters would be his family, they helped him build his own studio and they’ve always supported his music.

I thought it would be a good idea to listen to his music (because you can’t just talk about something or someone you have no idea about) and I love this music, its original, fun, and not like all the trash that people say is music. He’s the real deal and I have a feeling if he keeps getting all the support from his friends and family we’ll be hearing him on the radio in no time!

My favorite song of his, as well as his favorite song to record is his newest song “Panda”.

If freestyle rap is what you’re into I just know you’ll love his music, so check out his Facebook page and give love and support.

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