Opposite Of Adults (for now)

In less than two months I will be seventeen years old. 

Seeing that sentence on my scream scares the hell out of me. Where did all the time go? I’m almost done with High school and soon I’m going to have to go to college and live on my own. What happened to the innocent 3rd grader who was new to school and never did a bad thing in her life? I’m now almost seventeen and I feel like yesterday I was eight. Realizing how fast life has gone by is scary and amazing all at the same time.

Yesterday I went to down town Wauwatosa, and I thought to myself I can’t believe my mom is just letting me go off and walk around down town without an adult. That’s when the realization that I am almost an adult hit me. I’ve gained so much respect and trust from my mom, and it feels like not too long ago I was grounded all the time for doing immature stupid things.

It’s funny how you don’t realize change as it’s happening, I’ve never gone through a feeling like this, the feeling of actually feeling the change, or noticing what’s happened to me. I’ve blossomed, my mom no longer brushes my long tangled hair, I pick out my own clothes (and they  match), I know how it feels to be left, rejected, and hurt. I know how to make friends, have a good (and safe) time, I know how to live happily.

I just can’t believe that life really goes by this fast. People say it all the time “Enjoy being young while you can, because it’s gone before you know it.” I’ve never really listened to them though, and yes I am still young but not for much longer, soon I’ll have to learn to pay my own bills, manage my money, all the boring things that come with being an adult.

In less than two months I will be seventeen years old. 


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