Mention Monday: Shle Berry

“I record music for a lot of different reason. I vent in my music. I relieve a lot of stress and emotion in my music. I want people to feel how i was feeling at that particular moment. I want people to be like, “Damn, that was real.” When people tell me they get goosebumps after listening to one of my songs, I know they understand. They can feel my pain, my struggle, my happiness. I want to inspire people and motivate people and be a positive influence for people. I talk about real life, real situations, real pain… I put substance into my music. I love when my fans can relate to my music, I love when someone hears one of my songs and feels better about their own situation because they know they aren’t alone.”

This is a little bit of what Shle Berry had to say to me about why she does what she does. Shle began recording the general genres of rap, hiphop, pop, & r&b when she was 15 years old.

Her music is full of emotion and it’s really something to appreciate, Shle wants people to give her a chance as a musician. She has a lot to offer as a person, as well as a lot of stories to tell, and she really wants people to hear them. The first time I listened to her newest song Unsure gave me chills, which in my opinion says it’s some good stuff.

Music has always been a huge part of Shle’s life and her dad was the one who (indirectly) encouraged her to start writing music. He told her to write everything she felt and she did, eventually she began saying what she felt and added creativity and rhymes and now she’s making music that many people have come to love.

Shle said her biggest supporter would have to be her step mom Cheryl, always pointing her in the right direction and always wanting whats best for her. Shle can’t thank her enough.

Her biggest message she’s like to get across as a musician would be be free; people need to let go and just be themselves.

Feel free to check out Shle Berry on Facebook and make sure to like her stuff, you won’t regret it and don’t forget to pass on her music!


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