Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Oh today was the day indeed: kids woke up at a time they dreaded, got dressed, finished last-minute things before 7:47. Parents sent their kids off for the first time to kindergarten or their first day of high-school. Yes people, today was the first day back to school!

Today was interesting day for my family. I entered my 3rd year of high-school while my brother just began as a freshman. While my brother and I were loving the high-school like, my mom took my sister to her very first day of kindergarten! I wish I could have gone and wished her luck and all that great stuff.

Today while I was in home room, I got to thinking and something really shocked me. I can’t remember my first day of high-school! I was hoping my brother would have a good day because I remembered I was a tad nervous because I didn’t have as many friends coming to the same school, but then I realized I couldn’t remember anything other than it not being nearly as bad as everyone else made it sound.

I can’t believe it, this is year 3, I’m half way done. I can’t remember the first day of my Freshman or Sophomore year. Was it because it sucked that bad? Or simply because it’s not the magical memories everyone said they would be?

Do you guys remember your first days of high school? Why or why not?


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