Neo-Nazi Rally? Come on people, let’s grow up.

Police officers in riot uniforms at City HallThis could be a dangerous post for me to be doing but I’ve got something to say and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

You see that picture to the left? That picture was taken about 2 miles from my house yesterday at 2 PM. Why? Well remember the post I had last month about the “mob attacks” at state fair? Well yesterday September 3rd, 2011 the National Socialist Movement held a rally.The really was to protest black-on-white violence just like the attacks that happened at State Fair.

Seriously? I understand that people like to speak their minds, obviously as I’m doing right now. I was on Facebook today and I was expecting to see something about the rally yesterday and I did, “So sorry it’s raining on your parade today, National Socialist Movement. But hey, the storm is probably the Blacks’ fault too right?” I found it interesting and somewhat funny. Someone else on Facebook didn’t find it so funny. But the things this other person was saying was unbelievable!

” no one calls the naacp rascist, but as soon as whites stand up for themselves we are called nazis, what the fuck is this world coming to?”

“what was inhumane was those people attacking hundreds of innocents and getting away with it like the insolent, immoral curs they are. >:|”

This person clearly doesn’t have any idea of what he’s talking about. He posted a total of 14 comments and a few of them contradict each other But honestly why can’t we just get over it and move on? I mean almost like people in high school: There’s a fight at lunch it gets everyone hyped up and it’s the talk of the school for like 2 days, then it dies down and that’s it.

I understand that this is a bigger deal but I feel like all these adults are acting like kids and just being ridiculous.

How do you guys feel about this? All comments will be accepted I’m very curious to see what kind of conversations come about.


One comment

  1. To be completely honest the Nazi’s had a point in some ways. State fair banned kids under the age of 18 from the fair after 5. When really the riots were “black on white”. Maybe what i just said didnt make sence but oh well.

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