Life Update!

So before I go off and bore you about my life I need to get one thing off my chest:

I’m SO sorry that there was no Mention Monday this weeks!!!! I wasn’t home all day Monday and I didn’t have anyone who was interested in doing a Mention. So, next week for sure! I do apologize though, I just hope you guys know I wasn’t blowing you off.


So anyways I’ve been so busy! With school starting and all, it’s been so hectic trying to get back into the swing of things. But I’ve been managing pretty well I’d like to say! Walking around school has been a little stressful and about halfway through the day my legs are killing me but other than that I love being in school. Now I just need to get The Patriot and our environmental club going and everything will be so much better and hopefully easier.

Yesterday I went to the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire with my boyfriend and his family for the first time ever! It was an interesting experience. I’ll be completely honest I expected it to be really weird and be bored the whole time but oh man was I wrong! Everyone was dressed up and we saw all these cool little stores. The people there were just mind-blowing though! We saw a staged little fight happen in the walk way and it was really cool. It was just an amazing time. I can’t wait to go next year already. My boyfriend and I took a lot of cool pictures but my phone didn’t save any of them because you have to manually save them! I was so dissapointed. Next year I’m taking a camera. Take that Camera phone!

Well, you guys can stop your snoring and drooling now because that’s all I have for you today!

How’s everything going in your life? Have you ever been to the RF? How was your first time? How’s adjusting to school life for you?



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