Fried Pickles and Mustard

I have a headache.

Tomorrow I have to be up at 6:00 in the morning for silly Jazz Band! Oh how school has been messing with my sleep!

Today I went to my brothers football game against Marquette (high school) who are said to be the best team in the league. Well, the Freshman team showed them what’s up and beat the pants off those boys! It was like 21-7, so now the Freshman Huskies are still undefeated and I’m so proud of my little brother! After the game we went to Conejitos on 5th and Washington (I think) and that was yummy as always. I had 4 bean tacos for like 1.50, a plate of rice for .75 and chips and guacamole for 3.25. It was so cheap and so worth it.

Next week should hopefully be the kick off week for our Environmental Club and The Patriot. That will be a ton of fun 🙂

Speaking of kick offs the football game is on right now and the Packers are winning (knock on wood!) I’m so glad Football season is back, I love everything about football it’s such a fun sport you can never go wrong with.

Who’s your favorite team? Why?



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