Calling All Thespians!

Sunday was our last night showing Dancing at Lughnasa at Nathan Hale, and boy was it emotional! This was my first time ever doing a show at Nathan Hale, I wasn’t in the show but I was on crew. I met a lot of people while doing the show and it got me thinking about a lot of stuff.

First, let me say how lucky I am to have a guy who can convince me to branch out and try something new! I had no  intention of getting involved with the theater department. I figured, I’m already a junior, it’s a little late for me to get involved. Anyways that’s not what happened. I got a crew application for the show, and in all honesty, it took me a few days to work up the courage to fill out the application. But I did it, and I waited for what felt like years! I waited and waited and waited. I didn’t tell anyone this, but secretly: I was dying to see my name on that sheet of paper.

The day finally came and I was more than thrilled when I saw my name on that sheet along with 3 other names for the publicity team. In my head I was doing a victory dance and feeling on top of the world!

Being on the publicity team may not be all that exciting to any of you, but I loved it. At first I didn’t, it was slow, and boring. But once we got farther in with the rehearsals and all that, it became more exciting. I love everything about publicity, I don’t know why. Normally it’s not something I’s usually think would be boring, but I was so wrong.

The best part of being a part of the theater program? Watching a show come together, come to life! I remember the first couple days we sat in this big circle and the actors (whom I’ve come to adore by the way) read their lines. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty boring. But as the weeks went on it was amazing to see them grow as actors and make their characters real.

Many people thought the show would be boring and stupid, blah blah blah. Many people who went in thinking that way came out thinking the complete opposite. They loved the accents (and said they sounded so real). Loved the make-up, costumes, set, music, lighting. I heard many people say the show seemed so real and they could feel the emotions!

I am so happy I got to be a part of something so amazing, and I really hope to do it again!

What plays are you doing in your school? What’s your favorite part? Why?

If anyone came to see the show at Nathan Hale, what did you think?


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  1. (See previous post)

    Absolutely Loved It! I swear. Came twice. I got chills when all the sisters started dancing to Marconi, and chills as Michael spoke his last lines. INCREDIBLE! Fantastic job cast, crew, and directors! Love you all!

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