It Gets Better: Get Involved!

Yesterday I was on youtube and I saw this video:

I fell in love with this song and in the information he said “I heard about all of the suicides around the country and decided to make my contribution to the “It Gets Better” campaign. Thanks to everyone involved including Pace Students, Cast of Memphis on broadway, Washington Irving HS, Todd Caldwell, Peter Forde, Russel Orlov, Wesley Bishop, Jake Grinsted, Virginia Cavaliere, Simeon Buresch, Braden Summers, J’Beau, Eli Zoller, Laquet Sharnell, Ian Paget, Natalia Johnson, Sam Cahn, Liz Gallagher. Please support this project and join in the efforts to stop teenage bullying!”

I looked up the It Gets Better project and instantly wanted to get involved! So I posted my video on YouTube and so far I’ve gotten some really REALLY great feedback. So please watch ‘s video and mine too.

If you look to the right and scroll down a bit there is a new widget up! It’s supporting The Trevor Project. So if you could click on it and do your part it would be greatly appreciated.

I think everyone should try to get involved, take the pledge here: You could even make your own video. If you’re wondering you don’t have to be GBLT to get involved, you just have to want to make a difference. So please don’t be afraid to get involved.

BTW I’m going to be making videos every Monday, they’ll be on here as well but if you’d like to subscribe here’s the channel:


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