It’s That Time!

So this is the post where like everyone else, I’m to talk about how 2011 was dreadful or amazing and how I will improve in 2012. This is the post where I wish everyone a happy new year and give them ideas for resolutions or talk about my plans.

Well I don’t like doing what’s expected.

Today one year ago, a very good (well at the time) friend of mine told me our resolution should be to start a blog and use it for the whole year. His resolution lasted about three days, mine however lasted 365 days. Thanks to him I’ve created this blog and I’ve fallen in love with the art of blogging. So today is I guess the birthday of the idea of my blog. I started a blog on blogspot (ew) and then I converted to WordPress. So I’d just like to thank that person who helped me come up with the idea and I hope you’re doing just fine.

As for the rest of you, I don’t have much today, being that it is New Years and I have things to do! So Happy 2011 and I’ll be back next year!


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