I Know You Love Each Other, But Get A Room!

I’m so tired of seeing this everywhere I go. Every morning when I go to school there are couples here and there making out obnoxiously in the hallways. It’s not that it bothers me because I’m single because I’m not single, but my boyfriend and I don’t suck each others face because it’s just gross.

Walking down the hallway is another challenge in my school because you see couples walking obnoxiously or (again) standing in the middle of the hallway “passionately” making out as if they’re never going to see one another again. Then there’s those who walk in the halls as they should, but they have their hands all over each other’s butts! Seriously? Why is that even appealing? I don’t know if  I’m missing something but all I know it it’s more than disgusting to see all that.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all PDA is gross, some of it is cute and understandable, but I just hate watching people exchange STD’s in the hallways. Get a room.


Then there’s the guys I feel bad for, and before I go on with this topic I am not saying I don’t see guys do this to their girls too but I see it MUCH more with girls.

My locker is somewhat surrounded with couples and all I usually hear from the girls in their relationships is “Do this” or “Do that” and “No you can’t do that” or “‘Don’t touch me” blah blah blah. The only thing I want to do to these girls is scream in their face and see how they like it. I wish they knew how it affected everyone else around their locker because I hate listening to that crap every single day. I guess I just don’t understand why these girls enjoy excuse my language but, bitching at their boyfriends. I get angry at my boyfriend and sometimes I want him to do things but I don’t whine about it until I get my way.

If you think this might be you let me give you some advice, stop whining and just ask! Guys appreciate when you put things right out there so they don’t have to search your confusing brain trying to figure out what you want. Don’t yell, because it probably just makes him want to do whatever you want even less now. And last stop being so controlling! Guys have feelings to and if you can’t respect them, you don’t deserve to be with him. This guy probably slaves over whatever you want and he deserves some respect too.


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