DIY Mirror

So for those of you who don’t know, I now work at Farm Girl Art &  Antiques. I love working there. I get to meet a ton of people who are interested in awesome art and items of history. Another thing I get to do is be a part of the art. Lisa has a ton of her stuff going on in her store and a couple weeks ago she gave me a project.

I didn’t really think about it but I thought going a DIY would be awesome, but the idea didn’t really come to me until I was done with the project. Lucky for you guys it wasn’t that long ago so I still remember, plus I have a few pictures.

so here goes nothing:

A lady came to Lisa, my boss, and my boyfriends mom a while ago and gave her a ton of sea shells, and I mean a ton. So she was looking for something to do with them. Being the brilliant woman she is she indeed came up with an idea. She came to me and said,I have an old mirror I want to do something with so I’m thinking we paint it, and then cover it with seashells.I looked at her and thought, that’s a terrific idea. So I did it and it looks fantastic.

What you will need:

-Seashells, the size doesn’t matter but I kept my sizes relatively small.

– A mirror that can be painted

-Paint, I went with a light blue to give it that beach look

-Glue, I used Modge Podge and Gorilla Glue


Step One:

I got my paint brush out and began painting the mirror, and like I said I used a light blue to give it a relaxing ocean feel. I then waited and added a few more coats

Step Two:

I covered the mirror in seashells to see what it looked like without the glue. Just to make sure everything would fit and look good. I also added a starfish to the top center of the mirror.

Step Three:



The glue… This was a little challenging for me, being that I’m new to the world of arts and crafts. I started with modge podge, I took my brush and painted the glue on, then added the seashells. I felt like modge podge was too thin so I switched to the gorilla glue and I felt more comfortable with that.

So it’s a pretty easy DIY all it really takes is time.


This is the mirror before it was glued.



And of course this is the final product that I’m so proud of!






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