Trial & Error: Ghost Story/Part One

                The death of Terry wasn’t taken seriously, I mean when I found out he took his life I hardly knew the guy. Sure it was sad, but I didn’t think it was going to be life changing or anything. The only stuff I knew about him everyone knew, he was class president, and wanted to make a big difference in our school. I knew a lot of people didn’t like him, but I didn’t really get into all that stuff, he didn’t do anything wrong, everyone at our school just liked to start shit. He seemed like a good kid though, I heard he killed himself because he lost the election for senior class President, but I also heard he was just depressed. See that’s the things about rumors, you just never know and none of us ever will. He did what he did and I’m sure he had his reasons.

                When the news was made public in school, I expected our school to have a collective sadness throughout the day. Like I said I didn’t know him but the news still upset me, as if I knew him. Instead of what I expected, the halls were just like any other day if not more energized. People were laughing, smiling, and carrying on as if nothing even happened. For some reason seeing this filled me with an odd sense of fury.

Why weren’t people more upset?

Was I the only one who cared about this stranger’s death?

Can you blame the guy for leaving this cruel world?

I’m glad someone finally understands. A faint voice replied to my inner thoughts. My body went cold and everything around me seemed so unreal.

Don’t worry you’re not crazy Lauren. The voice said, I whipped around but no one was around. I looked around the hallway, no one seemed to notice a voice either, and the voice was a boyish, light, almost a whisper. I couldn’t believe I was hearing voices; I must just be really upset about this Terry thing.

You seem to be the only one who is upset. This time panicking I quickly turned, and instead of instant relief my body went cold, I saw a translucent figure standing a few feet away from me. The body looked so innocent and fragile, skin like porcelain, and his eyes looked like glass. I couldn’t believe Terry was standing before me.

Was I dead?

Going crazy?

Could you really see the dead?

Well you see me don’t you?  Terry said, this time a little louder and coming a little closer. I couldn’t manage words, all I could do was stare, which I knew was rude dead man or not. I wanted to ask him so many things, then I silently laughed at myself for thinking I had questions for a total stranger. I then realized what was happening, I was seeing Terry. The boy who killed himself. I began to scream uncontrollably, not sure how long I’d been standing in the hall, soon teachers and students rushed out to see what all the commotion was. I was on my knees sobbing, screaming, pounding my fists on the floor.

“Lauren!” a voice yelled, “Hey Lauren, it’s me Bobby. What’s going on?” He yelled over my cries. Bobby was my best friend since the 7th grade, we did everything together and he meant more to me than anything else. But today was different, I couldn’t manage to stop screaming, to tell him what I’d seen. I couldn’t even get myself together. I felt myself being lifted into the air, and then everything after that was a blur.


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