Forever & Ever, Amen.

So since my last post (20 days ago) many things have happened in this lovely life of mine.

-I went to church

-Spoke to God

-Got a Tattoo

-Became addicted to True Blood

-Got hit my a car



So just reading the events of my life recently is over whelming me! Because I’m the kinda gal who loves a good rant, you get to learn in detail about my lovely chaotic life!

    I went to church. Yes, that’s an honest statement, I went to a high school youth church in Hales Corner. Our soon-to-be new neighbor, who is a fantastic woman got me connected, being that the church I went to is a branch off of her church. But anyways, it was such a wonderful church, very non traditional and very warm. I felt very welcome as soon as I walked in the door, and everyone was really nice. Then of course the service was just amazing! (This is where we go into how I spoke to God as well), it was about what you wanted to do with your life (like when you were 6) and how God has a plan for everyone. It just really made me think about what I’ve been doing with my life and what I want to do with my life, and I felt like god just said slow down and just let life happen. I’m always living for other people and doing what others need that I never really give myself any time. That whole experience was very refreshing, and I can’t wait to go back.

So, since they kind of go together I’ll talk about my tattoo, (for those of you who are wondering no I’m not 18, but my mother did give me permission!) I honestly can’t believe my mom gave me permission, she went to get a tattoo from my cousin, and just for kicks I tried to talk her into it, and as we were leaving I was paying my cousin to do my tattoo! I just got it about two days ago on the back of my neck, it’s the eternity symbol and it says Let Life Happen, (see where I got it from?). I really like it, even though it was painful, it was worth it and it’s something I’ll totally be in love with forever.

Since we’re getting ready to move and all that jazz, my mom thought it would be a super savin’ idea if we got rid of our cable and internet, and super right she was! Instead of watching cable, which is usually bland anyways, we’ve been going to the library and getting TV shows. After about the first 10 minutes of the first episode of True Blood we realized we just couldn’t watch it together, (those of you who watch will totally understand why). I ended up watching the first season and falling in love with it. That show is so addicting! I now have to go to the library and put season two on hold since it wasn’t there last time I was.

And last but not least, I got hit by a car… on my (new) bike. It wasn’t like a super tragic horrid accident, it just got me scared and unbelievable furious. Well I’ll start with the most important thing, I am okay I just hurt my knee, but i think I’ll be okay. My bike, is okay, not useable, but not a lost cause. The front tire is bent, and there’s something wrong with the breaks. I didn’t get the man’s name, being that he ran, but I did get the name of his Taxi company. I don’t know if anything will happen, but I at least hope I can get compensation for my bike.



and that’s my crazy life for you!



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