#reverb12 Day 9: Your favorite book?

So I’m a few days behind, and I missed this post yesterday and I really wanted to do it, but found no time to sit down and write.

To chose a favorite book is practically impossible. I love reading, so choosing a book is hard, but today I think my favorite book is 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult. The reason I love this book so dearly is because it’s so emotional and could easily happen to anyone. It’s such a tragedy what these kids have to face, and the parents as well.

I also love that Picoult writes such a page turner, I probably read the book in two days. The emotional roller coaster I was on was just awful in the most beautiful way. My favorite thing about Picoult’s books is the way she switches from character to character, so you’re not just getting to know one characters through process but multiple characters. It makes everything feel so much more real than reading from just one perspective. She writes her novels as if a huge puzzle, and the pieces slowly and sadly come together.

While 19 Minutes is probably one of my favorite books by Picoult all of her work is good, a definite recommended read!



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