Sometimes I Like to Smile

Photo: If not now then when

Life has been an interesting excursion as of late. 

I moved in with a good friend of mine and her family about two months ago and the stories I could tell you are countless. 

I’m enjoying my new living situation even though my family is all over the place and as of late I’ve been feeling disconnected. 

Today was our last day of exams for first semester, I’m pretty confident in how I did and I’m extremely excited that my last first semester of high school is over! It’s odd to know that soon I’ll be walking across a stage and  receiving a diploma, and ending one huge chapter of my life. 

A more current event: I got my second tattoo yesterday (see photo at the top). For those who don’t’ understand it it says “If not now then when”. I’ve been feeling much more confident and happy, I feel like the real me is starting to come back and in celebration of that (and being accepted to NMU) I decided I would get this tattoo.

Oh! I got a new job, David’s Bridal. It’s not much, I hang up dresses and make sure the place is clean but I still really love it. I love seeing happy brides walking in with their friends and family to pick out one of the most crucial parts of their wedding. Along with that I get a strong feeling that my mom hangs out with me at work.


Just a small update for you guys!

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