Some Days Simply Suck.

I’m really crabby and running on about three hours of sleep. It’s my fault I stayed on Skype so late but that doesn’t make me less crabby. 

On top of that I had basically no creative flow going on in Photo class today and now I sit here thinking: “I just need to sit down and write.” and I’ve got nothing.

So I’m just going to continue to type and see what we come up with, hopefully it’s not some rampage about how much I just hate today because that would be a bummer. 

Even though I already finished my tea and I have to go until three before I can brew a new cup!

I just got a tweet from someone and they triggered my memory about snapchat. Probably the dumbest app ever, I don’t get the point… I could just text you a picture of my face, why create a whole app for it? It just confuses me. I shouldn’t talk though, I use a walkie talkie app instead of calling people. Personally I feel that’s different. 

Technology is just stupid in general. We should go back to the times where snail mail was cool and dial up was still a thing. Or we could go back even farther to when you had to walk for two days to get to your best friends house and you covered your wrists and ankles.

But maybe I’m pushing it. 

If I keep typing what pops into my head will I feel better? I think this is what they call “word vomit” and while it may not make any sense to you, it’s kind of making me feel better….. so I’m going to continue typing until I get bored, the bell rings, or I feel better.

I need to find a way to get tea all day…. maybe I need to bring a box of tea to school that I don’t LOVE but like enough to drink throughout the day, bring some sugar substitutes and microwave water throughout the day…. maybe that’s what I’ll do. We do have a microwave in the lunch room.

Writing has become incredibly difficult for me the past few weeks, I just haven’t been getting the creative juices I need and I don’t know how to get back into the swing of things?


I think I’m done here.

Happy Monday.


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