#scintilla13 Day One: A Snippet on Family

Kat McNally, one of the lovely ladies I met from Reverb, has been a lovely help when it comes to motivation, as of late I haven’t had much to write about, well… I have but I haven’t found it to be interesting enough to write or read about. So she pointed me in the direction of The Scintilla Project. From what I gather it’s a project in which you’re given a prompt, and then you blog about it, which is exactly what I need considering writing has been some what of a challenge for me. Today is technically Day 12, but for me it’s day one.

 Those that went before us have walked paths that we may never fully understand. Talk about a time when you learned something important about your family history.

I was going to skip today’s prompt because I don’t really know much about my family, especially not something “important”. I have an incredibly large family, both on my mom and dads side. As a kid we were very big on going to family events on my dads side  and we were all pretty close from what I remember. My mom wasn’t really big on exposing us to her biological family because she considered it to be a bad influence and it was about a year ago that we actually started getting to know our family members on her side.

Then there was a point where that all just kind of stopped. But I still had two very small families (the perks of divorce), we stopped going to my aunts house for Christmas, we actually stopped doing anything with family. To this day I’m not really sure why.

Now I spend time with my family when I can, mainly my aunts, cousins, and my moms foster family who feel like the realest family one can have.

So while I may not have learned something important about my family. I learned that  families aren’t picture perfect, and you just have to make due with who you’ve got. I would never trade my family for another family. I appreciate and love all of my family for everything they’ve ever done for me.


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