Open the Gates to Wonder


Sometimes I look around and I wonder how everything came to be.


I know there’s the bible, and science but I wonder what just makes things happen.


I wonder how exactly my fate was tied to my friends:


What one thing could have changed the entire course of our relationship?


What one thing could have happened that would have resulted in me never knowing a person?


I wonder who thought of gravity, why it is that we walk instead of floating.


Can evolution ever give us wings?


Twenty years from now, how will I perceive the world? How will you see it?


How will kids react when they hear that we once lived without technology?


Will they laugh at the thought of not having a cell phone?  Will they even know how to laugh or will they say LOL?


Do you think maybe the laws will change?


Can homosexuals finally marry who they love without problem?


Can people buy weed without having to worry about the police?


Can people carry their guns without being judged?


These are some things that I wonder.


Is there any way that silence will be appreciated again?


Or will we always live with constant noise? Not wanting to be alone with our dark thoughts in utter silence?


What will life be like for teenagers?


Will someone walk down the hallways feeling as if the whole world is judging them?


Have we become a vocal society and it’s not longer considered bullying but instead it’s just “being honest?”


Does everyone still believe they are depressed?


Or are they actually depressed?


Will people life longer lives, or will the quality of life decrease?


These are the things I sometimes wonder.



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