Bitter Nights

Sometimes I get really angry about things I shouldn’t be angry about.

Last night was most certainly one of those nights. What I got mad about was justified, I had a very good reason for getting so upset but I felt stupid about getting so mad.

I was mad about something I had no control over.

I was mad about something that didn’t matter to the others involved.

I was mad about something that did not belong to me. 

And that’s just stupid. Today I woke up this morning and decided not to be bitter.

Because if I decide not to be bitter I’m the real winner, I’m not letting those I’m angry with control how I feel. That alone is a success.

Plus negative emotions are literally so tiresome. They don’t do anything but bring you down.

So I will not be bitter, I will not let them hurt me.

Therefore I have won.


One comment

  1. Way to go. Its always easy to let yourself get carried away by negative feelings, but the real personal victory is when you choose to turn away and walk. So awesome for you to have such strength! And its true, you staying angry at someone doesn’t affect them if they don’t care (which most of the time, they don’t) so what’s the point in harboring those ill feelings?

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