This is Happiness

Today is the very last day of spring break.

Today was the day I woke up right as church was ending (an honest accident)

Today I have to do all the homework I haven’t gotten to since break started.

Today is the day Charlie wouldn’t stop whining to go outside.

Today is the day that I didn’t have to put on 6 layers of clothes just to stand outside with my dog.

Today is the day we actually ran around the yard.

Today I laughed, and it felt good.

Spring is here, and there are less than 100 days of school.

I’m not stressed, I feel fresh and new. I feel like everything that’s ever bothered me has disappeared. It’s sunny outside, and there’s a cool breeze. I made a cup of tea and just enjoyed my life. 

Because what’s the point of living if you’re not going to enjoy it?

I looked at the world differently today. It feels good to let your cares go away, who needs em.

Charlie made me laugh, he made me feel playful. He made me notice that the love of a dog is unlike any other love. 

I thought about my mom today, and how much she hated being outside. But this is the kind of weather she would be excited for. Today is the kind of day where should would actually wear a short sleeve shirt, maybe even shorts regardless of how self conscious she was about herself. My mom would have found our super over-sized pitcher and made the best sweet tea ever. 

Today is a perfect day of spring, and while I would love to have my mom here with me today I know she’s happy, and that makes me happy. 


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