Music Conquers the Soul

Today it’s going to rain, I don’t know when, but it will. Right now we have that beautiful windy, cool, weather that I love dearly and it’s a shame that it will be ruined with rain.

I would like to send my prayers to those who have been effected by the tragedy in Boston as well.

Today is a light-hearted post. I’m in a very melancholy mood today so why not keep it simple?

For those of you who know, I’m addicted to Twitter. I tweet all the time, and lately I’ve been getting followed and following some bands that are incredible. Their music is fantastic, they may not be the bands you hear on the radio but they really should be.

So I’ve decided to add videos and their twitter names, so you can take a listen and if you enjoy them give them a follow!

A Game of Life by J Crow

I Gotta Know by Clear Skies 

Worth It by Kyle Lucas featuring Jonny Craig 

A Paramore Cover by Holly Drummond (You can find all of her music here)

I’m not too positive if he sings but Jack Granville’s YouTube can be found here

Fool Around by The Night Life


Enjoy the music, enjoy the weather, enjoy your life. 


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