Simplicity Says It All.

I find school to be somewhat frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I have a chance to get an education and better myself as a person.

But I want to find out who I am and dedicating all this time to school is honestly a drag.

I write to you, sitting around the fire, a drink to my right and a good friend creating music on my left. My cousins are playing in the yard with flashlights the way kids should.

I look at my surroundings and I feel a sense of peace. No school, no one bothering me about their problems.  Just good company and serenity. 

When I’m in such a nice place I wonder why so little people take time to stop and notice that everything around them  is so beautiful. 

How can we go throughout the day and be so angry when so many great things have happened? Sure it May not have been direct,  but its a reminder that this world is such a good place.

I’ve been exploring the world around me and what it offers and it was a lot more than I was honestly expecting.

For six months I’d been thinking that what has happened really sucked, I’d been feeling as if there was no possible way you can recover from such a loss. Then one day I just realized that the sulking must stop.

I had to be wrong.

I could not continue to let this pain consume me. Because there’s more to this life than losses and bad news.


To be upset means to invest all of your time into not being happy. When being happy comes naturally and it feels so much better.

Why do we mope amd complain about all the tragedy and insanity?

How come gossip is always negative?

Is it so difficult to look at a stranger or your best friend and simply say, “You look nice.” ?


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