Oh How The Seasons Change.

Let me apologize in advance about the lack of creative energy, and the lack of writing I’ve been doing. It is quite sad.

So a quick update on what’s happening in my life:

I broke up with my boyfriend, I’m currently working at Taco Bell (yet again), I’m not going to school, and I’m still not living on my own yet.

Not doin’ too bad, right?

Of course I’d like to have my own place, and I do miss going to school, but what I have been learning lately is more about working and money management. I may not be living on my own, but I do owe a guy $150 every month, and a phone bill I’m probably behind on. Then there’s all the stuff that I think I need but really don’t. Since the end of September I’ve spent a good amount of my time working, and making a decent penny. There something rewarding about working so much, and then getting paid, regardless of how you feel about your place of employment.

Also, I’d like to say that I may not have been writing here, but I have been writing. I started writing in a notebook in July, and it’s practically full! Though I will be honest, most of it has been journal based. I’ve been having a really hard time getting a good idea to start something on. I can write something short, and fun, but I can’t start a novel or anything like that. I don’t know what it is, I have millions of ideas, but when I attempt to expand it becomes less powerful. I feel as if I’ve seen it all before, as if I’m running around in circles. Achieving a good vibe is difficult, finding a good environment is nearly impossible. Sometimes writing feels like jumping into a hole feet first hoping you’ll land on your feet.

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