Mindless Wandering.

I do a lot of nothing.

Yet I’m doing everything.

I draw, a lot.

Yesterday I drew like 12 pictures.

In probably about an hour.

I work, yeah, I do a lot of that.

I constantly feel like I’m sleeping,

I’m always tired.




and knee deep in shit that just doesn’t make sense. 

I walk among you every day.

You would probably never question me nor my sanity. 

You wouldn’t call me a danger to the public.

What about a danger to myself?

I’d say I’m no danger, but maybe I’m in the way.

Which is odd, because how can you be the one in the way of yourself?

Now I know it sounds preposterous, but let me tell you this:

It’s more than likely that no one else but  you is in the way of who you really are. 

And don’t tell me that I shouldn’t change between ‘me’ and ‘you’

Because I honestly don’t see a difference. 

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