Maybe This Isn’t A Revolution.

I fear that the internet has taken over my life.

Ever since the internet became cool to use, which was when I was probably about nine, maybe ten years old, it seems as though so many other things have been forgotten about. It didn’t really occur to me, that all of this technology could really be hurting us. I suppose people who lived more than ten years without the internet  may understand my fears, but there are a lot of people who don’t understand that living on the internet is not how we are supposed to be.

Any given stranger can take a look at my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr and assume they have a pretty good idea of who I am.

Anyone with a smart phone can take pictures of any item in their house, and their phone can identify what that item it.

The internet has become a scary place, a place I don’t really want to be anymore. 

I like the idea of people having to write letters to each other, just to keep in touch. Or the idea of sitting outside and reading a book, playing with pets, doing things people did without the internet. 

My generation has yet again, screwed up, some people don’t speak correctly anymore but of course they are unaware of this because they are unaware they are doing anything wrong. The way we type, the way we have shifted the English language is ruining what we used to be. 

I fear what we may be in five years, ten years, even twenty. At what point will the rest of the world realize we are destroying ourselves? We are destroying thousands of years of progress. 

Soon people may forget how to properly speak aloud.

People won’t understand different tones for different emotions.

People will forget how to think for themselves.

Google can tell you anything you want.


I googled “What do I want to eat today?”

quizzes, and countless websites actually give me ideas for food. After taking a quiz on Buzzfeed, I was told what I want to eat a burrito.

Too bad I ate a burrito yesterday, Internet. 


My point is, how did we get here? How is it, that I can google anything I need, and I will more than likely get something some what useful?


I’m scared of what we created, and I’m scared of how it will end. 


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