Want to Watch a Movie?

I really like watching movies, I’m not a huge critic or anything I just enjoy a good movie. I may be one of few who also enjoys the ten minutes of movie trailers before a movie at the theaters. Well, I was one of those people. 

The other day my boyfriend and I went to go see Godzilla, and during the previews we saw a new trailer for a football movie. Based on a trued story, sort of like all the other football movies you see. When the trailer started I was interested, and then the trailer basically showed me the whole movie, and I was no longer interested. Instead, I was thinking about why people created trailers in the first place.

To make you want to see the movie!

So why on earth is it that movie trailers are no longer, short and attention grabbing? It seems as though most trailers want to look really bad ass, or emotional so they put all of the bad-ass, emotional scenes in their trailer! Does that not defeat the whole purpose? Movie trailers used to always have an audience guessing about what came next, making you feel like you need to go see that movie. Most trailers these days tell it all, I could probably watch most trailers and come out with a fairly decent synopsis on the film in it’s entirety. 

Movie trailers are losing their glam, they spoil good ideas, they ruin the anticipation, and they’re shattering the original intentions, which I feel is a huge fail in the film industry. Trailers are now focused on having intense music, gripping, in order to somehow keep the audience involved. Maybe I just have high expectations for trailers, but a trailer is only supposed to be an advertisement, not a give away. 


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