Don’t Let This Go Viral


“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority”

-Benjamin Franklin

We killed the news.

When you get on the world wide web, the first place you probably go is Facebook. You check to see what your friends are doing, see if anyone liked your Facebook status, Whilst scrolling along your super exciting timeline I am sure you see plenty of articles like this:

Why Your Second Love Deserves More Credit Than Your First

Nicolas Cage joins Borat director for Osama Bin Laden comedy

And at least four articles from BuzzFeed like this

Of course this is just what people want to read now and unfortunately that is very sad. These aren’t articles, this isn’t news, and it should not be what people care about. Yet these will be shared with countless young people but no way are they tagging each other on BBC posts. Surfing the internet has become a lazy sport at best, if it can be read in simple bullet points it’s worth one minute of internet time.

  • Stop being lazy and read more
  • Being able to write a relate-able bullet point list doesn’t make you a fantastic writer
  • Your article will go viral for a few days at most, after that you are a ghost
  • Complaining about the things you don’t have should not be cool, and you should find something more interesting to write about.
  • Try harder.

There were people who were and are still laughed at because writing is a waste of time, there is no real talent in it. With the way things are written these days, who could disagree? There is no time, so effort, or skill put into some of these articles. Just the woes of few about things that don’t matter. Why not write about some amazing finds in medicine? Environmental Issues? Current Affairs?

Oh, I apologize. Am I boring you?


Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago, I wrote silly nonsense. To show you how much I’ve changed as a person, and as a writer I have decided to take something I wrote in a personal journal and change it into something meaningful.

This light was so much brighter, yet it never felt as bright as the others in fact it didn’t feel bright at all. Even though this light was the brightest, it only looked as average as all those other lights which made this light seem like everyone else. This light never realized how special it was, and in the end burned out without knowing what it was like to shine. 

This is one of my favorite little scribbles, ya know, the random ones you find in the top corner of a page in your favorite journal. 

For me, looking back on this means so much to me, and reading it after I wrote this two years ago it means more than it did then. This would be my rendition of the original work.

Every day you see simple things. A light bulb in a pretty lamp, so simple, right? Wrong, that bulb, produces light. Providing something we all take for granted, that light bulb started out as a simple ‘what if’ and became someones success. We are all light bulbs, each of us starts out as a simple ‘what if’, and some of us burn out, some of us shine naturally. But what about the people who don’t feel like anything much? We see so many people who believe they are better than us, then there are the people who are better than us. I feel like just a simple light bulb, one that shines just as bright as everyone else. I walk through this life, doing what I’m told, doing what I need to do, but there is more to me. I am big, I am powerful, I started off as a ‘what if’ and I’ve overcome the odds. I’ve flourished where I could have perished. I shine so bright, yet I feel so simple. I want to know what it feels like to shine so bright, yet instead my glass has been cracked, my wires fried. I live this life, not knowing what it’s like to shine. 


Happy Anniversary, and thank you to everyone who has read my work, and encouraged me as a writer, and a person. 

#reverb12 Day 8: Your most important relationship?

I’ve missed a few days of this new fun in the blogging world! I’ve actually missed a lot of time blogging and todays #reverb12 topic is actually very fitting for what I wanted to share with my readers today anyways.

As you know I haven’t updated since October 15th: three days after I turned 18, and five days after I lost my mother. 

My mom was 36 years old and her death was completely unexpected, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. It’s been almost two months and it still feels like it happened yesterday. 

That being said my most important relationship was the incredibly close relationship I had with my mother.

My mom, Belinda Mross was a funny woman, she was crazy, and then of course she was sometimes unbearable. We didn’t have your typical mother daughter relationship, while some days were good and others not so much we had a bond I felt wasn’t the same as others. 

My mom was sick, not sick enough to die, but she spend majority of her adult life sick. That being said I had to grow up fairly fast. I didn’t get the luxury of having the lovely childhood I dreamed of, but looking back on it I’m kind of glad I didn’t have that. I spent a lot of time taking care of my siblings and my mom. I spent a lot of time doing things I didn’t think kids my age were doing (trust me I was right on that one). It became normal for me to be more mature than all of my other friends,and as I got older instead of spending my weekends going out and getting drunk or being stupid I enjoyed spending time with my mom, sometimes we’d go out to Apple bees and spend hours there just laughing about stupid things, other nights I didn’t want to be anywhere near her. 

I miss my mom a lot, and at the most random moments I feel an emptiness knowing that her person isn’t still here. I know she’s there in spirit and will always be with me and maybe I’m still in some stage of anger but that doesn’t make me feel better. When I can’t call my mom or tell her something really random just to see her reaction it upsets me, sure she may be looking down on me but it’s not the same.

There is no way to maintain a relationship with the dead, other than respect their wishes. So I intend to graduate high school (on time) and start college in the fall of 2013. Finishing school was important to my mom, so I plan to do that for not just her but for both of us.


It’s That Time!

So this is the post where like everyone else, I’m to talk about how 2011 was dreadful or amazing and how I will improve in 2012. This is the post where I wish everyone a happy new year and give them ideas for resolutions or talk about my plans.

Well I don’t like doing what’s expected.

Today one year ago, a very good (well at the time) friend of mine told me our resolution should be to start a blog and use it for the whole year. His resolution lasted about three days, mine however lasted 365 days. Thanks to him I’ve created this blog and I’ve fallen in love with the art of blogging. So today is I guess the birthday of the idea of my blog. I started a blog on blogspot (ew) and then I converted to WordPress. So I’d just like to thank that person who helped me come up with the idea and I hope you’re doing just fine.

As for the rest of you, I don’t have much today, being that it is New Years and I have things to do! So Happy 2011 and I’ll be back next year!

Look Past the Template to See the Words.

Before I started blogging I did read things on “How to have a successful blog” or “How to manage a blog” or “What to write on a blog” and of course I did read other blogs to see what they were like. But I’ve realized those blogs are for people who only care about others seeing their blog.

Obviously people appreciate when others see their blog, but I think the more important thing is when people read  what we have to say. Us bloggers don’t write all these things down for you to look at our blog and say “Oh cool picture”. We do it so you can enjoy little parts of our lives or to debate ideas and opinions.

I’ve been trying to figure out for months how I can attract a regular crowd to my blog and I realize now it doesn’t really matter, eventually people will see my blog (and some of you have and I appreciate your support) and then they will appreciate my weird posts. I started blogging because I know some day I want to become a successful writer and I want to have something to look back on and say “Wow I’ve changed” or “I had so many supporters back when I was trying to make a name for myself”.

So until I am said successful writer I will continue my everyday average blog posts and I hope with time more and more people will want to read what I have to say.


By the way!

For those of you who haven’t noticed I’ve started adding buttons to promote other people’s blogs! I have not yet created my own (because I don’t know how to) but if you have a button and you’d be interested in having it on my site feel free to email me the code at

Opposite Of Adults (for now)

In less than two months I will be seventeen years old. 

Seeing that sentence on my scream scares the hell out of me. Where did all the time go? I’m almost done with High school and soon I’m going to have to go to college and live on my own. What happened to the innocent 3rd grader who was new to school and never did a bad thing in her life? I’m now almost seventeen and I feel like yesterday I was eight. Realizing how fast life has gone by is scary and amazing all at the same time.

Yesterday I went to down town Wauwatosa, and I thought to myself I can’t believe my mom is just letting me go off and walk around down town without an adult. That’s when the realization that I am almost an adult hit me. I’ve gained so much respect and trust from my mom, and it feels like not too long ago I was grounded all the time for doing immature stupid things.

It’s funny how you don’t realize change as it’s happening, I’ve never gone through a feeling like this, the feeling of actually feeling the change, or noticing what’s happened to me. I’ve blossomed, my mom no longer brushes my long tangled hair, I pick out my own clothes (and they  match), I know how it feels to be left, rejected, and hurt. I know how to make friends, have a good (and safe) time, I know how to live happily.

I just can’t believe that life really goes by this fast. People say it all the time “Enjoy being young while you can, because it’s gone before you know it.” I’ve never really listened to them though, and yes I am still young but not for much longer, soon I’ll have to learn to pay my own bills, manage my money, all the boring things that come with being an adult.

In less than two months I will be seventeen years old. 

Post-A-Day 2011

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a day / once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I finally finished! This book is probably one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I laughed, cried, mad, and seriously got a little nervous while reading this amazing novel.

I haven’t read a book like this in a long time, I’ve been really into mystery novels but I’m so glad I decided to read this book, this book really made me think about things I’ve never really had to think about because most of these events happened before my time. Sure enough (like I said in yesterday’s post) There are still rude ignorant people who act like they are better than African-Americans, but I’d say the issues back then were way worse.

Oh and that Hilly Holbrook! If I’d ever met a lady like her I’d probably show her how I really feel about her. I think my favorite person in this book was Minny, don’t get me wrong I love Skeeter and Aibileen it’s just Minny is so strong and even though she acts tough she really means well and is always just looking out for the people she loves.

I looked up The Help on Google and found some very interesting things. This book was rejected 60 times before becoming a Best Seller, and Ablene Cooper (Kathryn Stockett’s brother’s maid)  sued Stockett because Ablene thought that Aibileen was too much like her.

This book is wonderful and I’m very happy I spent the time to read it. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend this book. But if you’re not one of those people who reads then go see the movie, it’s coming out next week Wednesday!

Mob Beating at Wisconsin State Fair

My brother and aunt came home from the store and my aunt immediately said “Turn on the news I want to see what happened!” I looked at her kinda funny but I did what she asked, the news wasn’t on yet so I turned to my brother and asked him what happened. “Apparently 300 black people mobbed State Fair and hurt a bunch of people.” I looked at him and thought he was just making that up. State Fair is only 1 mile from my house, and nothing ever seems to go wrong around there, but sure enough once the news came on that was the hot topic. I was surprised, and then I was enraged.

Here’s the thing, anyone could have gotten 300 people and mobbed State Fair, it could have been Caucasians,Asians, Mexicans, Indian, a group of people, it really could have been anyone. But the fact that it was African-American really pisses me off. Not because I don’t like black people (I don’t have a problem with any one because of their race, it’s all about how you act) but because I hate when people of a certain race prove all the negative stereo types about themselves true. I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt, I like anyone I meet right away until they do something that changes my opinion. I talk someone about the State Fair incident and they said to me “I was saying how this doesn’t even surprise me because that’s what they’re known for.” Hearing someone say that instantly upset me but everyone it always going to have their opinion and I can’t change that.

I’m angry that 300 people were stupid enough to try to hurt people for no good reason, I’m angry because now rules have to change for us minors because people can’t just control themselves and be mature. I’m especially angry at the 300 idiots who did this because now this just doesn’t help African-Americans at all. For those of you ignorant people out there, not all black people are thief’s, not all of them have criminal records, and not all of them have gotten knocked up and had to drop out of school. Any of those can apply to any race, but African-Americans just seemed to be stereo typed by these certain things. There are so many smart, gifted, nice, responsible African-Americans and it’s really not fair to them that they are stereo typed, judged, and rejected because of stupid morons who think it’s okay to Beat up and steal.

Incidents like the one at State Fair last night are the reason why women clutch their purses a little tighter when they see a black person, why they make sure all their kids are visible when they are with black people at a park, or why people with nice things don’t talk to black people who don’t dress as nice as them, because they are afraid of black people. It’s not fair to those good people to have to suffer because some kids thought it would be funny to see if they could get away with a crime.


You’re beautiful

Stylish clothes, perfect hair, flat stomach, busty chest, nice legs. These are the things us “average girls” dream to have. We buy all the products that Hayden Panettiere promotes on TV, and whatever says it will make you looks beautiful fast. People spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on facials, manicure, and waxing unwanted hair. 

But why do we do this? Who says that we need to look this way? Is it because of pictures like this, and gorgeous celebrities all over the place that make us feel like we have to do everything we can to look pretty like these girls?

I’ve been trying to figure out all these answers for a while now and I just can’t figure it out! I’m no beauty queen but I’m definitely no Nanny Mcphee, I’ve been teased about my “imperfections” and I’ve been called ugly and gross, mainly by the girls who were born with fine hair and no curves. I really let those comments affect me and for a long time I wasn’t happy with who I was. I didn’t think I was pretty enough to be popular and it made my confidence and self-esteem spiral down the drain. I was miserable and I hated looking in mirrors, I didn’t smile because I felt like people would judge my teeth or my horrid laugh, but as I’ve gotten older the comments have gone away and I’ve fallen in love with my looks, I’m happy with  who I am and if someone calls me ugly I assume it’s just because they are jealous of my natural good looks!

So don’t let those pretty celebrities with all their make-up make you feel ugly or self conscious, because you’re beautiful, and so are they. It’s all just an image, but if we could all just accept our beauty and keep it simple, maybe then no girl (or boys) would have to worry about being called ugly or fat.We could all just be happy with ourselves and worry about more important things. Like curing cancer or ending world hunger.