Don’t Let This Go Viral


“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority”

-Benjamin Franklin

We killed the news.

When you get on the world wide web, the first place you probably go is Facebook. You check to see what your friends are doing, see if anyone liked your Facebook status, Whilst scrolling along your super exciting timeline I am sure you see plenty of articles like this:

Why Your Second Love Deserves More Credit Than Your First

Nicolas Cage joins Borat director for Osama Bin Laden comedy

And at least four articles from BuzzFeed like this

Of course this is just what people want to read now and unfortunately that is very sad. These aren’t articles, this isn’t news, and it should not be what people care about. Yet these will be shared with countless young people but no way are they tagging each other on BBC posts. Surfing the internet has become a lazy sport at best, if it can be read in simple bullet points it’s worth one minute of internet time.

  • Stop being lazy and read more
  • Being able to write a relate-able bullet point list doesn’t make you a fantastic writer
  • Your article will go viral for a few days at most, after that you are a ghost
  • Complaining about the things you don’t have should not be cool, and you should find something more interesting to write about.
  • Try harder.

There were people who were and are still laughed at because writing is a waste of time, there is no real talent in it. With the way things are written these days, who could disagree? There is no time, so effort, or skill put into some of these articles. Just the woes of few about things that don’t matter. Why not write about some amazing finds in medicine? Environmental Issues? Current Affairs?

Oh, I apologize. Am I boring you?


Too Gay? Seriously?!

Today on Facebook I was looking at my news feed and I saw that some people had read this article Curious, I clicked on the link and was absolutely furious! Why? Not because they think he’s too stereo typical gay but because people think Glee should have an uber hunky football player or something like that.

Why do they need that? I like Kurt’s character and so what if he’s too stereo typical. Believe it or not there are people like that in this world. Besides haven’t these people seen Degrassi? There is a hunky gay guy on there, and no one seems to be saying anything negative about that.

The show Glee is all about being different, and staying true to who you are or becoming who you’re afraid you really are, so Kurt is Kurt and he should honestly stay that way because many people (who are or wish to come out to be like him) are inspired by him and look up to him. Changing who his character is would just be stupid.

What do you guys think? Is Kurt too gay? Or is his character perfectly fine?

The Unprepared Nation

I found this while I was using stumbleupon and thought this was very interesting and informational, to see the orginal website click here:


College Readiness Today

One-third of today’s college students require remediation. Of those students, half will never receive a college degree. Clearly, something isn’t working. This infographic lays out the state of college readiness in the U.S., and explains why being prepared for college matters now more than ever.





I’ve Made a Difference

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or noticed the new page (Get Involved!) you’ve seen my (probably obnoxious) posts about the new site I’m involved with. (I think some others and I are co-founders but I don’t know if it’s official yet.) Anyways for those of you who haven’t seen what I’m talking about here’s the website: This website is for teenagers who are looking for inspiration or to inspire, it’s three simple steps (well really two but the third step is just nice to do). Just sign up and submit a journal entry about your activist experiences or whatever it may be. You don’t have to be experienced (I’m a newbie to the activist life too!) you just have to be driven and passionate about what you’re fighting for. It’s so easy and it’s a good way to get the word out about your cause. For example yesterday I was reading through some journal entries and someone did a journal about dolphin killings and how so many dolphins were being killed and sold for food. I had no idea about this but now from reading about it on TAO now I’m informed and I can see if there’s anything I can do from my community. Anyone can do it (any teenager) and it doesn’t matter where you live! It’s so easy I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to do it!

By the way I had my busiest day earlier this week. 60 views! Thanks everyone! I really didn’t think that anyone read this, but I know part of it is because I did a blog about the Mob beating, and everyone wanted to know the big deal. But that’s not the point, and for those of you who are saying “Eh, I get 60 views by noon.” Well good for you but I don’t! 🙂 Anyways I just wanted to thank those of you who are regulars on this site and I hope you’re enjoying what I have to say, and don’t forget I’m always open to criticism. So if you have anything you’d like to share, feel free to do so! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! And if you go to State Fair please this week please don’t ruin the fun for everyone else, I’ll be there sometime this week so don’t do it, otherwise I’ll be very upset.

Mob Beating at Wisconsin State Fair

My brother and aunt came home from the store and my aunt immediately said “Turn on the news I want to see what happened!” I looked at her kinda funny but I did what she asked, the news wasn’t on yet so I turned to my brother and asked him what happened. “Apparently 300 black people mobbed State Fair and hurt a bunch of people.” I looked at him and thought he was just making that up. State Fair is only 1 mile from my house, and nothing ever seems to go wrong around there, but sure enough once the news came on that was the hot topic. I was surprised, and then I was enraged.

Here’s the thing, anyone could have gotten 300 people and mobbed State Fair, it could have been Caucasians,Asians, Mexicans, Indian, a group of people, it really could have been anyone. But the fact that it was African-American really pisses me off. Not because I don’t like black people (I don’t have a problem with any one because of their race, it’s all about how you act) but because I hate when people of a certain race prove all the negative stereo types about themselves true. I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt, I like anyone I meet right away until they do something that changes my opinion. I talk someone about the State Fair incident and they said to me “I was saying how this doesn’t even surprise me because that’s what they’re known for.” Hearing someone say that instantly upset me but everyone it always going to have their opinion and I can’t change that.

I’m angry that 300 people were stupid enough to try to hurt people for no good reason, I’m angry because now rules have to change for us minors because people can’t just control themselves and be mature. I’m especially angry at the 300 idiots who did this because now this just doesn’t help African-Americans at all. For those of you ignorant people out there, not all black people are thief’s, not all of them have criminal records, and not all of them have gotten knocked up and had to drop out of school. Any of those can apply to any race, but African-Americans just seemed to be stereo typed by these certain things. There are so many smart, gifted, nice, responsible African-Americans and it’s really not fair to them that they are stereo typed, judged, and rejected because of stupid morons who think it’s okay to Beat up and steal.

Incidents like the one at State Fair last night are the reason why women clutch their purses a little tighter when they see a black person, why they make sure all their kids are visible when they are with black people at a park, or why people with nice things don’t talk to black people who don’t dress as nice as them, because they are afraid of black people. It’s not fair to those good people to have to suffer because some kids thought it would be funny to see if they could get away with a crime.


To write love on her arms.

“To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.” That is their mission statement.

What is To Write Love on Her Arms?

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

So, why the heck am I writing about this? A friend of mine killed herself on Christmas and she was a very good friend. I decided a while ago I wanted to do something to prevent this from happening, and unfortunately I know I can’t prevent everyone from killing themselves or being depressed. But I’ll do what I can.

On the right of the screen is a widget for social vibe supporting the cause TWLOHA, please click on it and do an activity or two to help the cause and then please promote it on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog whatever.

Every act of kindness has to start somewhere.

Historic Oppotunity

So today I was browsing the internet, using the normal sites I use daily, yesterday I began following!/lancearmstrong and today I saw a tweet from his page saying “Please read and please sign on!” Being the curious person I am I clicked on the link instantly, this link took me to the LIVESTRONG blog, and there was a letter that you will read when you click the link. So when I finished the letter I clicked the link to sign the petition. Twenty minutes later I received and email, one I will share with you, and one I hope you share with anyone and everyone you can think of. This is something that could change the world if we just take 15 minutes out of our day to type in our name and email and share the email we get. Please help make a difference in our world! 🙂

Did you know that six out of 10 deaths globally come from diseases
you can’t catch like cancer? And that we can prevent millions of these
deaths with tools we already have?

This September, world leaders are meeting for a historic UN Summit on
cancer and other non-communicable diseases. I just signed onto

LIVESTRONG’s open letter calling on world leaders to make the world’s
top killers a top priority.

Will you add your name as well?

If we can get 100,000 signatures before the summit, LIVESTRONG will
hand-deliver the letter to the UN Secretary General and key Heads of