Don’t Let This Go Viral


“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority”

-Benjamin Franklin

We killed the news.

When you get on the world wide web, the first place you probably go is Facebook. You check to see what your friends are doing, see if anyone liked your Facebook status, Whilst scrolling along your super exciting timeline I am sure you see plenty of articles like this:

Why Your Second Love Deserves More Credit Than Your First

Nicolas Cage joins Borat director for Osama Bin Laden comedy

And at least four articles from BuzzFeed like this

Of course this is just what people want to read now and unfortunately that is very sad. These aren’t articles, this isn’t news, and it should not be what people care about. Yet these will be shared with countless young people but no way are they tagging each other on BBC posts. Surfing the internet has become a lazy sport at best, if it can be read in simple bullet points it’s worth one minute of internet time.

  • Stop being lazy and read more
  • Being able to write a relate-able bullet point list doesn’t make you a fantastic writer
  • Your article will go viral for a few days at most, after that you are a ghost
  • Complaining about the things you don’t have should not be cool, and you should find something more interesting to write about.
  • Try harder.

There were people who were and are still laughed at because writing is a waste of time, there is no real talent in it. With the way things are written these days, who could disagree? There is no time, so effort, or skill put into some of these articles. Just the woes of few about things that don’t matter. Why not write about some amazing finds in medicine? Environmental Issues? Current Affairs?

Oh, I apologize. Am I boring you?


It Gets Better: Part Two

In 2011, I stumbled across a project, many celebrities partake in this project as well as many kids who have been bullied. It’s called the It Gets Better project, and it’s from people who have made it through all the hard stuff they faced in life for people who struggle through the day. I fell in love with the idea, and did a video of my own.

Unfortunately I was embarrassed and took it down. In this video I shared with people the pain I’d been through when I was a kid, I exposed my open wounds, my past being bullied. I took a moment to share with everyone that despite the fact that I got teased, being told I looked like a boy, being mocked and laughed, I made it. I shared with everyone that you can make it through really difficult things.

Now it is 2014, and I am in this really destructive mind-set, that everyone I’ve ever needed is gone. I try every day to think that things will get better, and ultimately I fail. I get angry at myself because I’m not living the way that everyone else is, and therefore, I look like a failure. I come up with great ideas to make things, learn to knit a new project, or do something inspiring, but I knock myself down because I can hear people chastising me about the cost of supplies, or how this isn’t a “future”. 

This is worse than bullying, my life has been warped into this idea of school, more school, work, bills, and death.

Why do you get to judge, criticize, and damage me, because I see this life differently? I do not see all the money, the obligations, I see that no matter how hard you work, no matter if you pay your bills on time, no matter how picture perfect you think your family is, bad things will still happen. Bad things will still happen to all the people who did life the “right way” because that is how life works, so someone please take a moment to explain to me, why I am wrong? Tell me why I am wrong, for thinking that I should spend my time exploring this beautiful place, and doing things to enrich my mind, body, and soul, and not my damn bank account?

It is 2014, and things are not better, things are a whole new slew of worse, but I will not let that stop me. You people can judge, mock, laugh, do whatever you need to do to feel good. I am done pretending, done molding to your expectations, I want to live my life the way I was intended to. I want to go outside, and not worry about all these stupid rules we have. I want to be able to live my life, without people telling me I am wrong for it. 

So, I suppose things are not better, and they won’t be better until I fix it myself. You cannot rely on anyone to be there for you, even if they are your person, your family, or ‘the one’. You can hope that you picked some good people to support you, but they cannot do the work for you. Things will get better, it will get better, and when it does, I will have no one to thank other than myself. 

Want to Watch a Movie?

I really like watching movies, I’m not a huge critic or anything I just enjoy a good movie. I may be one of few who also enjoys the ten minutes of movie trailers before a movie at the theaters. Well, I was one of those people. 

The other day my boyfriend and I went to go see Godzilla, and during the previews we saw a new trailer for a football movie. Based on a trued story, sort of like all the other football movies you see. When the trailer started I was interested, and then the trailer basically showed me the whole movie, and I was no longer interested. Instead, I was thinking about why people created trailers in the first place.

To make you want to see the movie!

So why on earth is it that movie trailers are no longer, short and attention grabbing? It seems as though most trailers want to look really bad ass, or emotional so they put all of the bad-ass, emotional scenes in their trailer! Does that not defeat the whole purpose? Movie trailers used to always have an audience guessing about what came next, making you feel like you need to go see that movie. Most trailers these days tell it all, I could probably watch most trailers and come out with a fairly decent synopsis on the film in it’s entirety. 

Movie trailers are losing their glam, they spoil good ideas, they ruin the anticipation, and they’re shattering the original intentions, which I feel is a huge fail in the film industry. Trailers are now focused on having intense music, gripping, in order to somehow keep the audience involved. Maybe I just have high expectations for trailers, but a trailer is only supposed to be an advertisement, not a give away. 

Shattered Glass In My Hair

Currently listening to: Sing Sing by Marianas Trench


It’s uncomfortably hot in my room right now, and the fact that I’m boiling with rage isn’t exactly helping the situation. 

I’m wondering what the word “friend” means every where else around the world, because here friend apparently doesn’t mean much. 

See I always thought a friend was someone who was reliable, someone you could trust with your secrets, your emotions, your passion. A friend is supposed to be someone who is honest with you, even if they’re telling you something you don’t want to hear. A friend is someone who makes mistakes, but they feel genuinely guilty for hurting you and they fix it. A friend is someone who you can yell at when you’re upset, but they understand because life hasn’t exactly been the kindest to you, obviously you apologize but they won’t hold it against you. 

Maybe my definition of friend is too good, because I’m willing to do that for any of my friends, even some people I don’t currently like right now I’d do that for. I would do that because I know that sometimes things are hard, and sometimes I mess up so I try and make it better when I can.

Sure I’m a naturally sarcastic person, I make morbid jokes as a way of coping, I make fun of my friends (but I’m pretty sure they know that I never mean what I say), and sometimes I tell my friends I hate them. But if any of my friends came to me and truly needed me I would drop everything for them, even if they needed me to sit next to them and listen to their problems, not matter how insignificant. 

The word friend mean little to me right now. I’m not saying my friends are horrible people. I’m just saying that sometimes I wonder what peoples friends think, if they think that they’re the only person in this world matters. If that’s the case I feel sorry for those people, because this world is bigger than you and me, and it’s certainly bigger than self-centered people. 

This Love is No Good

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Today I knew I wanted to write, but I just wasn’t sure what I was going to write about. I was going to write any word that came into my head and then I saw this little magic button that said “Inspire me!” and I got really excited so I clicked the button and it gave me the idea above so here we go:

In September I went through my first major break-up, it was the whole super sad, everything sucks, what do I do now kind of thing which was to be expected when you were with that same person since Freshman year

I was really pissed off at him then, but now I think it’s the best thing we could have done. We’re even attempting to be friends… well.. not really but we’re talking which is more than I could have said a month ago.

This song and post have nothing to do with him though, but the point of that small story was to say that I never really learned how to “date” during my high school career. I didn’t go out with boys to the movies or dinner whatever you even do when you go out on dates throughout high school.

That being said, since September dating has been crazy weird.

At first I was excited, I was excited for someone new, with new habits, a different sense of humor, new friends, just a whole new person.

Then I started realizing that every boy my age is psychotic.

And I’m not joking, and it’s not just guys either! People my age are looking for all sorts of commitment. I know I shouldn’t really talk being that I just told you I dated my first boyfriend for 3 years… but that was different, my initial intention was never forever with him. My intentions still aren’t forever! But the boys I’ve been meeting are all commitment.

How old am I? I’m 18 years old

Have I even graduated high school yet? No

Do you think I’m ready to settle down forever? Absolutely not!

I was attempting to date because I just wanted to meet some new people, whatever. But after the rodeo I’ve been through with this whole “He gets hooked way before I’ve even casted” I’m hanging up my hat and calling it quits for now.

Dating is stupid for people my age because people my age let dating consume them. They think they need a boyfriend or a girlfriend, like they need that sense of romance in their life. NEWSFLASH!! It would be nice to have sure, but you don’t need to be in a relationship! You have friends, and if you’re already in a relationship good for you but if you’re not don’t worry about it. Who cares, live your life and figure out who you are.


The song I based this post on:

Too Gay? Seriously?!

Today on Facebook I was looking at my news feed and I saw that some people had read this article Curious, I clicked on the link and was absolutely furious! Why? Not because they think he’s too stereo typical gay but because people think Glee should have an uber hunky football player or something like that.

Why do they need that? I like Kurt’s character and so what if he’s too stereo typical. Believe it or not there are people like that in this world. Besides haven’t these people seen Degrassi? There is a hunky gay guy on there, and no one seems to be saying anything negative about that.

The show Glee is all about being different, and staying true to who you are or becoming who you’re afraid you really are, so Kurt is Kurt and he should honestly stay that way because many people (who are or wish to come out to be like him) are inspired by him and look up to him. Changing who his character is would just be stupid.

What do you guys think? Is Kurt too gay? Or is his character perfectly fine?

Thanksgiving is Important

Thanksgiving (in my opinion) doesn’t get the attention and appreciation it deserves. My only wonder is why the heck not? What’s so wrong with one holiday where all your family gets together, or contributes to the community, eats wonderful food, catches up on how everyone is doing and is just thankful for everything they have in that moment?

Is it because no one is getting gifts? Or because no one is picking secrets Santas in hopes that they get those fuzzy slippers they saw at the mall, or baking Christmas cookies for Santa to eat in the middle of the night?

I personally love Thanksgiving, I think it’s one of the best Holidays because the only expectation is you show up (and bring your dish maybe) and enjoy the food, and the family or friends and to just be thankful for everything you have. There’s nothing more to it whereas Christmas you have to go out and buy a ton of gifts and decorate the front lawn with lights and blow up snow men, you have to send out your Christmas cards.

And that’s not even what Christmas is about! The definition of Christmas is this: A Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus. That doesn’t mean all the things people are doing these days. Christmas today is nothing other than another commercialized holiday unfortunately. I don’t practice religion but if there’s a holiday around for a purpose other than buying things people don’t need then that  should still be remembered and acknowledged at least.

So maybe this year we can all try something a little new (if we don’t already) and remember what the purpose of Christmas really is. And when next year comes around give Thanksgiving the appreciation it deserves.