Which one is true: People change, or do they always stay the same?

Obviously we change, develop from a baby to someone with hobbies and dislikes, preferences, and experience. Then again we sometimes develop habits that will never leave us, maybe this means we cheat, or like to have everything perfectly in order. Which on is true?

Can they both be true, applying to different circumstances or even different people all together?

I think everyone is so different in so many ways (obviously you know this too) but what differences really define us as an individual?

Example: I am a writer, she is a dancer.

In this situation our hobbies define us.

Example: He has cancer, she has been in remission for six years.

Does the condition define them, or life and death?

Example: Mom likes to drink, Dad likes to smoke.

Both can kill you, what’s the different?

I could go on and on for days with all the things that make me different from you, but at what point do you distinguish me as someone not in your circle? What makes someone really enjoy your company?

The question I suppose I really want to know the answer to is why does it matter?

Example: I like to write, and my sister likes to dance.

Different hobbies, same blood.

Example: They met during treatment, she is still fighting for him.


Example: They picked up bad habits after the unthinkable happened to them.

We are all different, and for our own reasons, so what makes it okay for you to judge someone else for dealing with their life the way that makes sense to them? This life is so complicated because of the countless things that can happen right before your eyes, good or bad. We cannot sit by and continue to judge our fellow humans, instead we need to know when to help, how to address a situation, how to sit before someone and just be there with an open mind.

We are constantly finding reasons to dislike people, and I cannot figure out why. It isn’t more fun, it’s sad that people have become so cliche in such an inhumane way.

That we have to drill it into peoples heads to be nice, because it isn’t the natural way of things anymore. Reminders or happiness and hope are being spread by few to the many who have forgotten. When will we be kind? When will you smile?


Shattered Glass In My Hair

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It’s uncomfortably hot in my room right now, and the fact that I’m boiling with rage isn’t exactly helping the situation. 

I’m wondering what the word “friend” means every where else around the world, because here friend apparently doesn’t mean much. 

See I always thought a friend was someone who was reliable, someone you could trust with your secrets, your emotions, your passion. A friend is supposed to be someone who is honest with you, even if they’re telling you something you don’t want to hear. A friend is someone who makes mistakes, but they feel genuinely guilty for hurting you and they fix it. A friend is someone who you can yell at when you’re upset, but they understand because life hasn’t exactly been the kindest to you, obviously you apologize but they won’t hold it against you. 

Maybe my definition of friend is too good, because I’m willing to do that for any of my friends, even some people I don’t currently like right now I’d do that for. I would do that because I know that sometimes things are hard, and sometimes I mess up so I try and make it better when I can.

Sure I’m a naturally sarcastic person, I make morbid jokes as a way of coping, I make fun of my friends (but I’m pretty sure they know that I never mean what I say), and sometimes I tell my friends I hate them. But if any of my friends came to me and truly needed me I would drop everything for them, even if they needed me to sit next to them and listen to their problems, not matter how insignificant. 

The word friend mean little to me right now. I’m not saying my friends are horrible people. I’m just saying that sometimes I wonder what peoples friends think, if they think that they’re the only person in this world matters. If that’s the case I feel sorry for those people, because this world is bigger than you and me, and it’s certainly bigger than self-centered people. 

I Know You Love Each Other, But Get A Room!

I’m so tired of seeing this everywhere I go. Every morning when I go to school there are couples here and there making out obnoxiously in the hallways. It’s not that it bothers me because I’m single because I’m not single, but my boyfriend and I don’t suck each others face because it’s just gross.

Walking down the hallway is another challenge in my school because you see couples walking obnoxiously or (again) standing in the middle of the hallway “passionately” making out as if they’re never going to see one another again. Then there’s those who walk in the halls as they should, but they have their hands all over each other’s butts! Seriously? Why is that even appealing? I don’t know if  I’m missing something but all I know it it’s more than disgusting to see all that.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all PDA is gross, some of it is cute and understandable, but I just hate watching people exchange STD’s in the hallways. Get a room.


Then there’s the guys I feel bad for, and before I go on with this topic I am not saying I don’t see guys do this to their girls too but I see it MUCH more with girls.

My locker is somewhat surrounded with couples and all I usually hear from the girls in their relationships is “Do this” or “Do that” and “No you can’t do that” or “‘Don’t touch me” blah blah blah. The only thing I want to do to these girls is scream in their face and see how they like it. I wish they knew how it affected everyone else around their locker because I hate listening to that crap every single day. I guess I just don’t understand why these girls enjoy excuse my language but, bitching at their boyfriends. I get angry at my boyfriend and sometimes I want him to do things but I don’t whine about it until I get my way.

If you think this might be you let me give you some advice, stop whining and just ask! Guys appreciate when you put things right out there so they don’t have to search your confusing brain trying to figure out what you want. Don’t yell, because it probably just makes him want to do whatever you want even less now. And last stop being so controlling! Guys have feelings to and if you can’t respect them, you don’t deserve to be with him. This guy probably slaves over whatever you want and he deserves some respect too.

This One is for You

This blog post is completely fiction, but I hope it helps you.

My name is Steven, I’m 14 years old and I hate my parents. I hate my parents because I never get what I want. Last week I asked if I could stay at my friend’s house until 8 and my mom said no and picked me up at 7! I told my parents I wanted a pot roast for dinner and my mom said “That takes too long, I’m just going to make home-made pizza for dinner tonight.” My life is so unfair, sometimes I wish I was never born.

My name is Lia and I’m 17, I was raped and I got pregnant. My parents don’t believe me. I’m not 4 months pregnant, homeless, and scared. I asked my boyfriend if I could stay with him for a while, but he thinks I cheated on him and am now pregnant with someone else’s child. I don’t go to school anymore because I’m ashamed of myself. I know that being raped wasn’t my fault, but why doesn’t anyone else think so either?

My name is Kat and 16.  I’m a straight A student, President of the Senior Class, Aspiring Lawyer, and my parents pride and joy. Everyone likes me and wants to be my friend. My life seems perfect but there’s just one thing: I’m a lesbian. I feel like I can’t tell anyone because everyone will hate me and all my hard work will mean nothing. I feel like I’m not living because I’m not being who I really am.

My name is Zack and I’m 22. I have a wife, 2 kids and 1 dog. I make enough money to keep my family happy and I love my job. It’s taken years to get to this point but I’m glad I finally made it. I couldn’t be happier with my life right now.

My name is Mandy and I’m 91, I’ve lived my life and I’ve watched my kids grow up, it’s been a rough life, but it was all worth it. I’m old, and I can’t do much, but I’m happy with what I’ve done with my life. I’ve changed lives, and inspired many people. In this very moment almost everything is perfect, the one thing missing is my husband Mac, he died 1 year ago and boy do I miss him. His love was what made my world go round. Now that he’s gone.. well… life just isn’t the same anymore.


Everyone’s story is different, what’s yours?




Too Gay? Seriously?!

Today on Facebook I was looking at my news feed and I saw that some people had read this article Curious, I clicked on the link and was absolutely furious! Why? Not because they think he’s too stereo typical gay but because people think Glee should have an uber hunky football player or something like that.

Why do they need that? I like Kurt’s character and so what if he’s too stereo typical. Believe it or not there are people like that in this world. Besides haven’t these people seen Degrassi? There is a hunky gay guy on there, and no one seems to be saying anything negative about that.

The show Glee is all about being different, and staying true to who you are or becoming who you’re afraid you really are, so Kurt is Kurt and he should honestly stay that way because many people (who are or wish to come out to be like him) are inspired by him and look up to him. Changing who his character is would just be stupid.

What do you guys think? Is Kurt too gay? Or is his character perfectly fine?

A Blurb For Who?

Okay so on Facebook I was really bored and made the mistake of making this status:

“like and I’ll post a small blurb about you on my blog. (will be posted tomorrow)

Well, here goes nothing.

Kimmy Banks: You’re super funny. We don’t talk a whole lot, even when you do come to visit which I don’t know why because I like you and all. But you’re really nice and I wish I got to see you more often!

Imani Alexandria: You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing in web design. You’re funny though and you’re polite about asking for help. You seem really nice but we don’t ever really talk unless you’re asking me for help. BTW your hair was so pretty when it was straight!

Anthony Helm: We used to be like BEST FRIENDS in elementary school and now we never even talk which really upsets me. You are so funny and I remember when Mr. V made us run all the time you’d roll your shirt up like a girl and it was super funny. I miss you and we should totally talk more.

Misbah Noorani: Oh there’s so much to say about you! You’re a really smart girl and I love your sense of style. I also love how honest you are and you’re not afraid to be honest either. You crack me up in AP Lang when you do all the weird things you do! Oh if only Mr. Mulligan noticed you like he noticed my hiccups ONE TIME! Anyways, you’re a really good friend to have and I hope we continue talking even after high school

Alex Anania: We don’t really talk a whole lot, but you’re a very nice guy. I made the effort to talk to you more but you just weren’t making a whole lot of sense.

Chris Walker: Ah, my civics bud! You’re so nice and really funny. You listen to me when I need to complain about other Chris and open my locker for me when I can’t. We still need to learn the Footloose dance and have our Patrick Swayze marathon!

Nic Jansen: I miss having band with you and we honestly do need to hang out again soon. I miss hanging out with REAL PEOPLE.

Alex Engel: You haven’t really gotten the message that I’m ignoring you right now. So here’s the message: I’m ignoring you right now.

Oscar Gallegos: And what not! I know I still owe your $5 and I’m working on that but I miss you and can’t wait to see you again!

Mary Jo Avery: You’re such a nice lady and you crack me up!! We really need to go see Linda again because I think she misses us. I heard she might go to another place to sing too.

Christina Floyd: I’ve never met you but you’ve helped me a lot. You inspired me to take my writing more seriously and I honestly thank you for that!

Molly Saez: Just seeing your name makes me laugh because that’s how much of a joke you are to me. I’m kidding! Molly you’re so funny and having math with you is just a blast! You’re a really funny outgoing person and getting to know you has been a super fun time! We should honestly hang out some time because I think that would be super funny.

Maile Starz: You and my boyfriend are super BFF’s even though I never see you two talk. Anyways you’re super pretty and we never really talk. Bummer :/

Sam Miller: I never came to pick up money for your entertainment book, oops sorry.

Nick Stack: Oh there’s just so much to say about you! You and I go way back, all the way back to the 3rd grade. I know we don’t talk much and it sucks but it’s really nice to know how matter how busy we get or how little we talk we can just pick up and tell each other almost anything. I promise I’m going to make more of an effort to text you since I’m not so busy these days and we have to get together and hang out soon!

Matt Timm: We used to talk in history, you used to make fun of me a lot. In a good way. Why don’t we talk anymore? I don’t know but it should obviously change. You have the best sense of humor.

Marlee Freitag: You’re so smart, and really nice. You’re a good singer and an even better photographer. You’re really talented and I’m glad to know you but I don’t think we talk enough.

Desirae Nankin: You’re such a nice person… well sometimes. I really like you and your personality. I don’t think you should ever try and change for anyone because if they expect you to be something else they’re obviously not worth your time. I don’t know if you’re really leaving Hale but if you are it was nice being in band together even though you hated your instrument. You’re awesome and don’t let anyone tell you anything less.

Trever Carper: I think you’re too cocky. But you’re such a creative person and you’re really going to go far in life, even if you are a Cardinals fan.

Katy Banks: I miss you! You totally need to come back soon. I haven’t texted you in a while and I know it’s been a while since you and Chris had your “weekly” Wednesday calls. Anywho, I feel like I can tell you anything and I think of you as family, I hope you think of me as the same!

Jess Jaeckles: We haven’t talked in a while but we really need to go to Yo Mamas soon! You’re really nice and super funny.

Danielle Leslie: You’re really funny and very nice. We seem to be involved in a lot of the same things together which also means your talented and we probably have something in common. Let’s talk more!

Leopoldo Rocha: You were the Editor of The Patriot for like a week last year but then you left so I didn’t really get to know you but I read your article you posted the other day and I thought it was really good. But other than that I don’t really know what else to say about you.

Sam Koenig: So for the sake of your reputation I won’t say all the things I’d like to. But you’re a really funny guy and I know I make fun of you and tell you no one will ever love you but it’s so not true, some weirdo is going to fall in love with your weird sense of humor and you will battle to the death with syrup ladies and it will be a happily ever after for you.

Nicole Lang: You still really intimidate me. But you’re really nice and very smart. I wish I had swagger like you.

Rosie Avery: I love you, you’re so funny and I don’t care what anyone says about you you’re probably one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I know we’ll be friends forever and girl, I don’t love you forever, I love you fiveever (which is more than forever)

Esteban Alvarado: You’re too funny for your own good. And your laugh is just hysterical. You and Robert need to come by the house again sometime, I only include him because somebody has to do it.

Justin Flood: You’re so talented! I don’t know you very well (which should change) but I know you’re going to go places with all your talent!




I Don’t Feel Like It.

Yeah I said it.

It’s almost 8:00 PM on a Wednesday night, and I don’t want to blog. Why? Because I’ve been SO busy! I’ve had play rehearsal everyday for the past few weeks, even on Saturdays! The Drama Department has put a lot of work into the show, so if you live around Hale and have the time come see Dancing at Lughnasa this Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 7:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM, all tickets are $7.00 and you before the show or during intermission you can purchase Shout Our Cards too! 🙂 It’ll be a great time, so go ahead, see the show. So not only have I had that going on, I’ve also been swamped with the school newspaper, which WILL  be coming out soon for those of you who are wondering. It’s just been a little challenging with everyone being new and all. It’s been stressful but I promise you everyone involved with The Patriot is doing everything we can to make sure you have something of good quality to read.

What would you like to see in The Patriot?

What’s going on in your life?

How do you deal with all the busy-ness and stress in your life?