Brain Matter

A simple idea is formed in my mind every few seconds, I don’t know where they come from, I usually don’t know where they intend to go, yet I appreciate every one so deeply. My mind sometimes feels like a busy New York street, buzzing and beeping! An awful thing here a delightful thing there, an infinite amount of action and not enough time to see it all happen piece by piece.

I kick myself from time to time because I do not sit down and jot anything down, all those thoughts wasted.. erased. So long New York, you talented state, I waste you away and I cannot give you one good reason why, this life is throwing everything at me and I think I have nothing. That’s wrong, I have my writing, my knitting, and a cute little puppy. I find comfort in the negative, again, not sure as to why. Forgetting there are things in my life to be proud of, sure I didn’t send a robot to the moon, or write the latest pop break up song. Yet by simply being me, by simply being here, that is enough to be thankful for. Hope is only a tiny little person walking down Bleecker Street, and one thought will only get ya so far. So here’s to you, you lazy shmuck, don’t forget to live the life you always said you would. There are people out there who are counting on you to fail, for their own feeble minds are ready to dine on your woes.

**Please share feedback, I’m having conflicting thoughts on this one. Thanks!


Take Me Away

Today I’m not feeling inspired.

I have no clever story, no life lessons.

Today is just a day.

And I am just existing.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a better idea, but for now, I’ll take this.

I will go through a normal day, in a normal way.

Maybe drink some coffee, and continue reading.

With hopes that I’ll start to enjoy the book that I just can’t get into. 

Not every day is filled with magic, but some days are.

Those are great days.

Yet I’m content with a simple day like today.



Insanity Might Be The Case

Some days are good days.

 I like those days, they feel happy and light, they make the whole living process seem simple.

As much as I love having a good day, of course I have a load of bad days. 

 I mean horrible, dreadful, sad fucking days. 

Yet now I realize that bad days aren’t the hard days. 

    It’s the good days that are hard.

Sure, it’s easy to let every bad event make you mad, to feel like the world is against you is easier than saying

No world, today is not your day.

But it’s not easy to wake up every day and say

out loud

to whoever is or is not listening

Okay day, I’m gonna kick your ass.

Because there is a lot that can happen in a day, and instead of being free spirited, and open to anything, we try to hide ourselves in this indestructible box, with the idea that nothing bad can happen to us.

Unfortunately, we were not made with the option of being invincible, or free of hurt, pain, destruction. We were made for just the opposite.

We feel to live

We live to die

But since we’re here we might as well wake up every day

just to say

Today is for me. 

Music Conquers the Soul

Today it’s going to rain, I don’t know when, but it will. Right now we have that beautiful windy, cool, weather that I love dearly and it’s a shame that it will be ruined with rain.

I would like to send my prayers to those who have been effected by the tragedy in Boston as well.

Today is a light-hearted post. I’m in a very melancholy mood today so why not keep it simple?

For those of you who know, I’m addicted to Twitter. I tweet all the time, and lately I’ve been getting followed and following some bands that are incredible. Their music is fantastic, they may not be the bands you hear on the radio but they really should be.

So I’ve decided to add videos and their twitter names, so you can take a listen and if you enjoy them give them a follow!

A Game of Life by J Crow

I Gotta Know by Clear Skies 

Worth It by Kyle Lucas featuring Jonny Craig 

A Paramore Cover by Holly Drummond (You can find all of her music here)

I’m not too positive if he sings but Jack Granville’s YouTube can be found here

Fool Around by The Night Life


Enjoy the music, enjoy the weather, enjoy your life.