Thanksgiving is Important

Thanksgiving (in my opinion) doesn’t get the attention and appreciation it deserves. My only wonder is why the heck not? What’s so wrong with one holiday where all your family gets together, or contributes to the community, eats wonderful food, catches up on how everyone is doing and is just thankful for everything they have in that moment?

Is it because no one is getting gifts? Or because no one is picking secrets Santas in hopes that they get those fuzzy slippers they saw at the mall, or baking Christmas cookies for Santa to eat in the middle of the night?

I personally love Thanksgiving, I think it’s one of the best Holidays because the only expectation is you show up (and bring your dish maybe) and enjoy the food, and the family or friends and to just be thankful for everything you have. There’s nothing more to it whereas Christmas you have to go out and buy a ton of gifts and decorate the front lawn with lights and blow up snow men, you have to send out your Christmas cards.

And that’s not even what Christmas is about! The definition of Christmas is this: A Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus. That doesn’t mean all the things people are doing these days. Christmas today is nothing other than another commercialized holiday unfortunately. I don’t practice religion but if there’s a holiday around for a purpose other than buying things people don’t need then that  should still be remembered and acknowledged at least.

So maybe this year we can all try something a little new (if we don’t already) and remember what the purpose of Christmas really is. And when next year comes around give Thanksgiving the appreciation it deserves.



  1. The irony is that Christmas has gone from being a Christian holiday that was basically the same as the Winter Solstice celebrations by pagan religions, and since has become a very non-religious thing for many people. Give me Thanksgiving any day.


    BTW, Previous Commenter: Christmas and Winter Solstice should never be juxtaposed in the same sentence. It’s heresy. It IS unfortunately true that Christmas has been over-commercialized, but there are many of us who celebrate it for what it truly means.

    1. It’s not heresy, it’s history. Granted, I get why you would comment that. I spent the first 18 years of my life going to church at least twice a week.That said, from a standpoint of traditions and the way it is celebrated, the two celebrations are remarkably similar religion aside.

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